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           For a project to be successful, it needs to be managed and supervised effectively throughout the entire process. Project managers must coordinate and stay in track of all activities to be able to accomplish the project successfully. For this reason, it is necessary to follow different processes and steps to increase organization and assure an effective project plan. In project management, there are five phases that include initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing. All these phases are implemented as a tool to monitor and report the progress of the project. They provide vital information and data to track the development of the project and assure that all activities are completed on time and meeting all the expectations. For this reason, a project that does not follow an effective structure, processes and is not managed effectively have higher chances of failure and risks. Regardless the size or the scale of the project, I believe that following the five project management processes are necessary to make sure that all financial resources are provided accordantly, and that the delivery of the project is being produced effectively. It is also important to emphasize that the time frames and schedules affect the delivery of the project, maintaining and following the five project management processes will assure a successful outcome (Turner, 2014),

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Discussion board (please respond to post)
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