Discussion and respond

Read Making Inferences – Analyzing Images p. 41 – 43

Post your ideas in response to the questions in the Exercise 2G: Analyzing Historic Images (No limit words)

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Discussion and respond
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respond to comments (No limit words)

1. This first picture was taken at Iwo Jima in Japan in World War 2. I have actually seen this picture before. I think the situation captured in the first picture is right after the war finished. The soldiers are hanging an American Flag in the middle of the battlefield and we can see cheerful attitudes from their active behavior. So, I think this picture is symbolic of the people in the United States because it makes people feel patriotism.

The second picture was taken during the 911 terrorist attack. In my opinion, when I first saw this, I thought the man who is falling down felt calm because he was falling straight down. But then, I realized what the situation was. There must have been so many people who were suffering in the building and from the calm expression of his face, I inferred that maybe the man thought that he doesn’t want to be suffered anymore. I think this picture makes people feel complex emotions. We can feel sad for the man who is in this picture and also we can feel anger for the terrorist who occurred in this situation.

2. Iwo Jima:

Iwo Jima is the most famous photograph of the post-World War II era. It shows five Marines and a Navy corpsman tried to plant the American flag on Iwo Jima. It was an excellent photo moving and full of hope for the future, although they are working hard to raise the flag. The image conveys great courage and courageous strength, and the patriotism of these soldiers. On the other hand, the picture also shows the desolation of the background that revealing the adverse effects of the war and anti-war sentiment. I think it shows us that a strong message about victory, teamwork, and patriotism.

“Falling Man” NY:

This photo was taken after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, and this man wasn’t the only one who jumped out of a window during the attacks. The photo was provoked a strong reaction from readers when it published in newspapers across the United States. I was shocked by this picture because I saw was a person facing death, extreme despair, and the most helpless choice. I think the photo of that image will help strengthen the forces of justice and nationalism in America and around the world. Although it is just a quiet scene, it has shocked and affected many viewers.

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