Discussion 3

1.  By using the training development model in Figure 8.6, develop your training workshop flyer.

Describe brief training backgrounds and needs. 
Assume you are a training and development professional of an organization. Develop your training workshop flyer. The flyer should include (a) who should attend, (b) key benefits of the workshop (c) information about the workshop (must contain: course objectives, course contents, time plan, learning method; additional information such as facilitators information, location, facilities, logistics plan, follow-up plan after workshop, any information related to workshop can be added as needed). 

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Discussion 3
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2. By using the figure 8.9, develop your career development plan. 
Participation/Submissions Guidelines
Write, single-spaced, more than one-half page to have enough details in your discussion. And then provide constructive feedback to your classmates. Responses are not merely a restatement of information or ideas already presented. You are expected to present new ideas for consideration, pose questions to explore a topic deeper, and/or add to perspectives presented. 
Post your work here first. After incorporating peer feedback or your improved understanding of the module learning outcomes by checking others’ work, submit your final artifact into the “LO3 Activity” submission folder (or click Activities on the top >> Assignments >> LO 3 Activity). Name your file as LO3_Activity_LastNameAndFirstNameInitial. Make sure you submit to the right place! The final posttest will help you compile all activity artifacts into one coherent piece.

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