Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapter 10 from the course text and the report Future Insights: Top Trends Affecting the Workplace and the HR Profession According to SHRM Special Expertise Panels and the articles The 2018 Human Resources Trends to Keep on Your Radar and Protected Classes in Employment Discrimination. Emerging trends have defined and affected the future of HRM in terms of competencies, demographics, and practices. Some of the emerging trends in HRM include globalization, generational diversity, skills gap, sustainability, technology, social media, big data, and legislation.
Select one of the emerging trends above and discuss the effect on

managers and HR professionals (functions and practices),
talent acquisition (recruiting, developing, and retaining employees), and
performance management (training and development).

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Your initial post must be a minimum of 300 words. Cite at least one scholarly source to support your response.
Guided Response: Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts by Day 7. Respond to at least one peer that selected an emerging trend different from yours. In your response, discuss additional impact the trend has on one of the bulleted items.
Response 1:
For this discussion I have chosen social media. With todays society being one of instant gratification, it is no surprise how big an impact social media has on the HRM arena.

Managers and HR professionals (functions and practices)

It is critical for managers to adapt to the changes in technology as they are introduced and become more popular. Parry & Tyson (2008) state that more than 50% of all new hires originate from an online application source (as cited by Youssef, 2015). Management may be able to gather an understanding of employee attitude or moral based on their social media posts. I have a friend who lost a colleague because of what that person posted on their personal Facebook page. Apparently, this colleague inadvertently posted proprietary information and someone alerted the company. Private social media use should be addressed during the onboarding process and expectations clearly delineated to the employee early in their career and reaffirmed yearly via refresher training.

Talent acquisition (recruiting, developing, and retaining employees)

Filling a position with the wrong person could be as crippling to an organization as not having anyone performing the job. The process of utilizing social and professional networks of organizations and individuals who are communicating and connecting is called social recruiting (Youssef, 2015). Some of the best candidates are either already employed or are passive. Social media sites have made it much easier to identify passive candidates because you can search through groups or hashtags to find people that have the skills that are required (Millet, 2017). My friend just started a new job and the recruiter found him through the social media site LinkedIn. Many corporations have social media pages where they work very hard to establish a respected brand while also promoting themselves as a great place to work. If a company pays attention to their employees’ social media, they could get an understanding of what type of development they are looking for.

Performance management (training and development)

Technology is used in many different ways that were probably never intended. Social sites offer the ability to video conference over an app like Facebook. It would not be unthinkable to believe that performance reviews, or employee training and development is taking place in this manner. I do not work weekends at my store, but every Saturday and Sunday my assistances will video call me over Facebook and show me the numbers that I need to report to my District Manager. Utilizing this technology, I am able to remotely train some of the new employees – which means I can save myself a 45-minute drive to my store.
Millet, J. (2017, October). The 2018 human resources trends to keep on your radar. Forbes. Retrieved from https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbeshumanresourcescouncil/2017/10/26/the-2018-human-resources-trends-to-keep-on-your-radar/#5c681f1621b3
Youssef, C. (2015). Human resource management (2nd ed.). Retrieved from https://ashford.content.edu
Response 2:
Globalization is an emerging trend that has begun and will continue to affect HRM in the future. The effect of globalization on managers and hr professionals is the process of management in general. Youssef (2015) provides us with a list of ways that HRM will be affected such as where to operate, how to set up job design, who to recruit and send, and how to compensate employers that travel or move overseas. Another way that can be affected is running operations for the business overseas from the United States. Running operations outside of that country may be a safer option in many forms but can have its disadvantages such as lack of understanding of the community in which the business operates in general. Countries that are regulated differently than in the US will mean that the organization must complete research before opening a business there. Developing job design so that it fits into the goals of the organization but also follows the guidelines in other countries is highly necessary for success there.
                Globalization will affect talent acquisition because recruiting, developing, and retaining individuals who will be successful in companies that exist in other countries can be a difficult task. Youssef (2015) states, “leaders need to be capable of understanding, readily adapting to, and strategically integrating different cultural dimensions” (CH. 10.1).It will be necessary to hire individuals who will lead the company successfully. Employees must be able to work among individuals within other countries without biases but also learning and understanding the cultures in which the company exists. Also, it is important for the employee to think quickly and strategically to follow the laws of other countries in case something drastic happens. It is difficult enough to expand into other countries with the possibility of having to evacuate the country due to threats, so it is vital to recruit and retain those with skills to manage the organization overseas.
                Globalization will affect the training and development of employees because of the skills necessary to reside in another country and maintain a business there. The skills required to run a business outside of the US will require the employees to understand the area they are operating in.Thus, employers must hire individuals will the right qualifications and be willing to develop them into leaders.
Youssef, C. (2015). Human resource management (2nd ed.). Retrieved from https://ashford.content.edu (Links to an external site.)
https://www.shrm.org/hr-today/trends-and-forecasting/special-reports-and-expert-views/Documents/Future%20Insights%20Workplace%20Trends.pdf (Links to an external site.)

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