Different Tongues

If I ruled the world; which is highly unlikely of course, I would ban all languages except one – Arabic. The majority of you probably disagree but tell me how many of YOU have found yourself in a class with a teacher speaking some alien language to you? Many times, I assume just like me none of you probably enjoyed it, but hated it to bits and thought of the reason as to how and why you ended up in that state.
The reason as to why I chose Arabic is that it is an example of different cultures living in one language; how many Arabic countries do you know of? Syria, Saudi Arabia, Libya and the list goes on, well each one of the countries are their own, they have their own culture, own tradition but the same language, so why can’t the whole world be like this? How easy would life be?
Those of you who think that without different languages you can’t have different culture, you can’t be unique, well your wrong as trust me people from Iraq are as different to people from Syria as people from America and Africa are, and they don’t have different languages, they have one – Arabic, true they may have changed words here and there but it is still the same language – they can understand each other. So now as you were just informed that it is possible to have the same language and a different culture don’t you agree with me about having only one tongue, one language, one way of verbal communication the same as everyone else?

It was said that there is 6,809 languages in the world – it might be possible. But that is a significant number of languages. Like for example in Afghanistan, where I come from there are two main languages – Pashto and Farsi. But as I discovered a while ago, there are many more languages in Afghanistan only the main is Farsi and Pashto and Afghanistan isn’t even a big country. I am sure many of you didn’t know that, I being an Afghan didn’t even know until my dad informed me. So imagine if one country had many languages than how many are there in the world? IF mankind was united there would only be one and only one language!
Now that exam period is here, what are you more focused on? I think the majority of you are focusing on French, Spanish or German; if not then when GCSEs come I am almost certain you will – unless you haven’t taken a language or you already know that language as it is your mother tongue. Without this extra weight on our shoulders we could all become top fliers in other more important subjects such as maths and science. As the fact that learning language becomes harder to learn as we grow older is true, and if it weren’t true I wouldn’t mind languages but as it is true ( and we weren’t taught different languages at the age which was easy for us to learn languages) and all the endless lists of vocabulary is near to impossible to learn, I would rather banish all languages off the face of this planet except one, so that no one has to suffer sitting and learning the vocabulary off by heart – just to get accepted into a good university or to obtain a good job.
Aren’t there far better things to spend our time on? We all have better time consuming occupations than sitting there, pulling our hair out trying to learn a language made because the human race cannot be united. One language can symbolise unity amongst humans. If animals of the same species can achieve that why can’t we? Surely we are supposed to be greater than animals, with larger brains, so why don’t we have one language in which everybody would be able to communicate with each other, making everyone’s lives easier.
Allow me to share an account I underwent a few years back, I went on holiday with my family to France, on holiday, it was great only a major thing restricted me and my family having the utmost maximum fun my achievable – different languages. We went there via ship and car, so basically we had to drive to Paris and as my dad had never been there and didn’t know the way, as expected we became lost. We asked a few people but like us they had blank confused looks on their faces, as they couldn’t understand us and we couldn’t understand them, after a long period of time we reached Paris, but we would have reached our destination quicker if we had one language.
That was only one problem, there was problems with the hotel, finding our way around to Eiffel Tower, Disney Land, matters got so bad we ended up giving up not going to Disney Land. That wasn’t the only place I had gone for holiday to, that I didn’t know the language of and that I had problems in. I’m fairly positive the majority of you, have also had an account like this, would you and I have undergone those problems if we all shared one tongue, one language, one way of verbal communication the same as everyone else?
Imagine you were an immigrant from another country, to England, you don’t know English, your parents don’t know English, you moved here because of war, your father is desperately trying to make money for the family, but he is having difficulty as he doesn’t know English even though he is educated. Wouldn’t there be less racism if there was one tongue, one language, one way of verbal communication the same as everyone else? Wouldn’t our lives overall just be easier?

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Different Tongues
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