Did the New Deal Prolong the Great Depression?

Did the New Deal Prolong the Great Depression? Yes: Burton W. Folsom, Jr.
The Cabinet head had personal connections with the President. Made him bias towards FDR’s ideas

Unemployment was higher in 1939 than in 1931 after hoover left office
Govt went from running a surplus to a deficit
Seven Years of trade deficits cursed American GDP over the p of the New Deal
Welfare and Social Security kept lazy people lazy and made hard-working people take pay cuts
The economy is self-regulating and self-healing; it would have fixed itself in time(not 12 years though)
IT was “Constraints School” The US economy was in a nose-dive for the first 6 years of FDR’s presidency, but he kept the Ether up and promised progress
Roosevelt Raised taxes across the board… Sounds familiar to what is going on now… damn Obama
If the war did not come about, FDR would not have lasted the 4 terms. NO: Roger Biles
FDR believed Taking a method and trying it until it worked or didn’t. It it did, then keep doing it; if it didn’t admit that defeat and try something else. He used the Federal Gov’t to “help” regulate the economy(kind of like genetically engineering which also doesn’t work 100% of the time)
Unemployment decreased over the first 5 years of FDR’s presidency
The FDIC insured everyone’s money that is in the bank which is something that the US needed in 1929
FDR created hope for everyone with Social Security, Welfare and Section 8 housing
He created the US postal service, rural electrification act, and rural mail act
Roosevelt changed the form of Gov’t in a short 12 years
He created “Wealth Tax” (sounds familiar AGAIN! which “affected Very few taxpayers”
He then Repealed the “Wealth Tax” because it didn’t work FDR’s new deal was a great idea in theory(so is Marxism), but wasn’t the best idea for the time. What he did is kind of what we are going through today: Promising change but not saying when, Increasing taxes, and hoping it will help your deficit and tried to intervene with the self-regulating the economy. The New Deal DID work, but only because WWII brought the need for production back to America; without that, the New Deal would have taken much much longer to work.

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