Dental: Overview

Tray setups Here is a series of tray set ups for some of the more usual dental procedures. Every operator is different and the tray set ups need to be customized for the operator. Keep tray set ups simple. Also shown are some of the corresponding bench set ups that need to be prepared for specific purposes. Tray 1: Examination Mirror Probe Tweezers Periodontal probe Bench Patient card Pencil for charting Intra-oral camera set up ready to go Hand mirror for patient to view mouth Tray 2: Prophylaxis and fluoride treatment Mirror, probe and tweezers
Hand scales and/or ultrasonic scales tip Rubber cup Suction tube Prophylaxis paste in ring cup or disposable dish Floss Gauze squares Cotton rolls Fluoride trays or pellets and disposable dish Fluoride solution Model for oral health instruction Tray 3: Amalgam restoration 1 Spoon excavator Flat plastic Amalgam plunger Amalgam carver (every operator has their favorite) Ball burnishes Locking tweezers Tray 4: Amalgam restoration bench Amalgam gun Dapper dish Matrix retainer and band Decal applicator Wedges (where necessary) Amalgam capsule Articulating paper with holder
Lining material Tray 5: Amalgam restoration 2 Tray 6: Composite / GIG restoration Plastic instrument – temple or Teflon Tray 7: Composite / GIG restoration -? bench 1 Pellets or sponge applicators, Articulating paper Spatula Mixing pad Restorative material Tray 8: Composite / GIG restoration -? bench 2 Pellets or sponge applicators Tray 9: Extraction Sterile gauze Tray 10: Extraction, mandible -? Elevators Forceps Anesthetic set-up Extra gauze bench Instructions for care after an extraction. Tray 1 1: Endicott treatment Endicott probe

Endicott spoon excavator Endicott ruler For root canal therapy / root filling you will need to add the following instruments to the Endicott tray: Lateral spreader’s Endicott plungers Heat out instrument (for cutting and sealing the GPO points) Tray 12: Endicott treatment -? K files Paper points Medicament’s Cavity Mixing pad and spatula Periodical X ray films Guts perch points Tray 13: Rubber dam 1 Frame Rubber dam clamp forceps Rubber dam punch Appropriate clamp Rubber dam square Tray 14: Rubber dam 2 Tray 15: Oral health education / disclosing
Locking tweezers with cotton pellet Toothbrush Microbes Disclosing solution Baseline in small container Denture dish / container Air-abrasion -? tray Teflon instrument or temple composite Air abrasion head and nozzles Air-abrasion -? bench Similar to composite/glass-monomer set up Endicott -? tray Endicott-? bench Periodical films Rubber dam application Oral surgery -? tray Retractor Scalpel handle Peritoneal elevator Erroneous Bone file Tissue tweezers Hemostat Surgical curette Irrigating syringe Suture/surgical scissors Needle holder Surgical aspirator
Oral surgery -? bench Scalpel blade of choice Suture needle and thread of choice Saline solution for irrigation Extra gauze-sterile Mouth props if needed Surgical burs of preference Extra cup of water to run through aspirator to avoid clogging. Denture trays Impressions Bite registration -? tray Wax knife Wax carvers Bite registration -? bench Models Bite wax Matches Shade guide. Laboratory Job sheets Try-in -? tray Try-in -? bench Hand mirror for patient Denture issue Denture issue -? Bench The dentures Hand mirror Burs required for acrylic trimming.

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Dental: Overview
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