DBQ Essay Rise of Big Business

Many people moved from their rural farms o cities to get factory Jobs. In the asses most Americans were farmers, but by 1900 about half of the U. S. ‘s population was living In scales. Railroads made It possible to SLP products from factories and food from farms all over America. This created a national market. Technology such as Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone helped connect big business leaders all around the nation and helped many businesses. The prospect of jobs creating railroads attracted many immigrants. Railroad construction went from 5,000 miles of track in 1830-1840 to 75,000 in 1881-1890 (Document 1).
Life n America was no longer just farmers, but now they had become a society of city life and factories as well. Monopolists and monopolized industries changed American society. Monopolists had so much control over their industry that they had little or no competition. Andrew Carnegie had a monopoly over the steel business for example. John D. Rockefeller was another monopolist. He formed the Standard Oil Company. Standard Oil monopolized oil and controlled virtually everything since a lot of things depend on oil (Document 3).
Businesses could do whatever they wanted to if there was no en to compete against. When railroads raised prices for shipping, no one could avoid it if it was the only one in the state (Document 2). J. P. Morgan is a very well known monopolist. He conquered many industries such as the railroad and steel, and even tried to monopolize the shipping industry (Document 6). All of these monopolists became very huge and well known and had very important influences on the American way of life. Many changes occurred when the USA was Industrialized which changed American society.

Monopolists or the growth of railroads and the rise of cities are DOD examples of things that changed American society. With the rise of the cities and the growth of railroads America’s population went from being mostly made up of farmers to about half of it living In cities working In factories. Monopolists made big businesses and took over Industries. These are Just a few examples of the changes In society cause by Industrialization. DB Essay Rise of Big Business By juju monopolists. They were a big part in changing America’s society. The growth of railroads was a huge impact on American society.

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DBQ Essay Rise of Big Business
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