DB 4

 Discussion 4: Using ResearchSummary
For readability, please be sure to double-space your assignments. Use this provided upload document to submit your response to the following discussion:

Please provide your response to the following discussion prompt in 250-500 words. Then, save the file as either .doc or .docx format, and upload the document into the Upload Area for Discussion 4:
At this point in the course, you are getting ready to employ researched data, statistics, and other findings into your submissions to provide some support for your thesis claims. You have three methods for doing so: summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting. Correctly integrating these approaches not only requires following the general guidelines for each type, but also incorporating appropriately formatted signal phrases and in-text parenthetical citations using MLA 8th edition format. 
Read the argumentative essay sample for Topic 9, which you will find in here or in the Sample Essays and Helpful Hints section near the bottom of your course homepage. First, summarize the essay in at least 15 well-developed sentences. Next, paraphrase each of the first three-body paragraphs after the introductionparagraph using at least three paraphrased sentences for each of the three body paragraphs (a total of at least 9 sentences). Lastly, include two quotations for each of the last two paragraphs in the essay, which are the counter-argument/refute section and the conclusion paragraph (a total of at least 4 sentences).  

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DB 4
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