database creation

Update the database that you created in Unit 3 to include the following tables:

Using the following diagram that represents the initial seven tables, establish relationships between the tables and specify primary and foreign keys in your database. Perform this activity for the other tables in your database as well. There should be a total of sixteen (16) tables overall.

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database creation
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Using the diagram, address the following:

Update the initial database to include six additional tables as shown in the first diagram.
Define the relationships between the tables in the SQL server environment.
Ensure that all primary keys are properly created and that the foreign key columns are defined correctly.
Make sure that the 3 additional tables you added in Unit 3 are also shown and have established relationships and their primary and foreign keys.
Update the database diagram, and generate the data definition language (DDL) for all 16 tables.  
Submit a consolidated Word document with all screenshots and the DDL.

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