CW Introduction

The founder of Lid was by a man named Dieter Schwartz who currently has a net worth of around $15. 2 Billion he got that success from being the founder of Lid. He is the CEO and chairman of the company and Dieter is also the CEO of the hyper market Kaufmann. The company Lid has been around for many years and they were founded in the year 1 930 when the company was founded in Germany. The first ever Lid store was opened in the year 1973 and the store started to gain a lot of consumers by the sass’s.
Lid then decided to branch their stores outside of Germany and as of now the store can be found in nearly every country in Europe. Lid loves to sell top quality products and sell them for the lowest prices available. The first ever UK store of Lid was established in 1 994 and they are still growing in the UK and more than 600 stores. 1 An evaluation of the strategic position of the company (500 – 600 words*) There are many different ways that Lid are trying to keep their strategic position of the company. This will include the many plans that Lid has for true plans and development.
Which include plans such as there expansions? There have been reports that to maintain Lid’s strategic position is by expanding the amount of stores they have and they soon want to have an empire of 1 500 stores and this will maintain their strategic position as more stores and thus this will mean more business. I will also include a SOOT analysis of Lid which show the strengths of the company and show the strengths and weakness of the company. Strengths in Lid include Has a good range of branded products and also has its own Bargain labels

They usually build their places in deprived areas where cheap food and items are needed by that area and they sell items that suit most of peoples incomes Lid usually open on Sundays and holidays Is going to expand their store count to 1500 stores Weakness in Lid They are still pretty small compared to bigger brands There isn’t many chain stores around Opportunity To gain a further stronghold and to expand in other countries like Africa and Asia Threats The increase in competition with Laid and other business meaning more intention for Lid Cost of all products PESTLE analysis for Lid an PESTLE analysis evaluates the following areas of Lid which include the following Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental. Political – The political areas that can affect Lid are as follows the government intervening with wages and having Lid have National Minimal wages.

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CW Introduction
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