Customer services team

Director of E-commerce The director of E-commerce provides the E-commerce department with updates of what is happening with the online business. The director is responsible for the whole online business. They will plan and establish objectives which they will aim to achieve to make the business more successful. Manager of Sainsbury’s to you The manager of “Sainsbury’s to you” will plan work for managers in other departments, co-ordinate work with colleagues and organise procedures for them to follow.
The manager will plan the long term future of the Company, and establish objectives of the online business. He/She will always be looking for ways to improve the way the business operates and suggest improvements. The manager will also make sure that all other departments are running successfully. E-commerce department The E-commerce department will provide the customer with information on Sainsbury’s to you, frequently asked questions and useful contacts for any queries. Customer services team
The customer services team provides the customer with help to any problems that they may be encountering when using the Sainsbury’s to you website. The customer will be able to call a customer helpline number: 0845 636 262 six days a week from 8am – 6pm, or alternatively write an e-mail to the department in which they are experiencing difficulties. The customer services team will deal with all queries, such as technical faults encountered, problems with login, bank account details, loans, insurance etc. They will provide solutions to the customer’s problems.

Picking centre staff Sainsbury’s to you now covers over 50% of UK households. The first major step towards this was the opening of Europe’s largest and most technologically advanced grocery picking centre at Park Royal, north west London (August 2000). The location of the centre is perfect as it can serve the seven million people living in central and Greater London, representing 14% of UK households. The centre will employ up to 500 staff as the service penetrates new markets within and beyond the M25.
The picking centre allows Sainsbury’s to target such a vast home shopping market. Staff uninterrupted by the store operation means that errors handling customer orders will be greatly reduced. However, for the short and medium term, stores will co-exist with picking centres and a small number could remain to serve lower-demand areas. Stores allow Sainsbury’s to provide a service whilst it builds up demand large enough to be served by a picking centre. Each store selected to provide home delivery has a dedicated team situated at the rear of the store.
The team receive orders from a call centre, processes, picks and delivers during store trading hours. The picking centre operation helps to drive down costs through higher automation and improved accuracy of customer orders. Both large and medium-sized picking centres will carry a total of 15,000 lines. The medium-sized centre will be around half the size (40,000 sq ft) of the operation at Park Royal and will have a weekly order capacity of around 5,000, employing up to 250 people.
The centre will be laid out in store fashion and pickers will follow the layout, building the customer’s order. Sainsbury’s market research has shown that 27. 5% of the population within the M25 would use a grocery home shopping service. Systems managers/website developers The systems managers and website developers work constantly with the aim of improving the website, solving any major technical faults which may be encountered by users, constantly getting feedback from the users on the ease of use.
The website developers will communicate with and suggest ideas to the board of directors concerning improvements to the website and the financial costs. If the improvement has been approved the board of directors will give the web developers a deadline, a budget and an aim for the task. When the improvements have been made they will be presented to the board of directors and tested by users before they are “put out on the market”.

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Customer services team
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