Cultural Diversity

Post a 175 word for each question. 
Each question should be thoroughly answer each component of the prompt, provide clear definitions of course concepts (when needed incorporate evidence to support all claims, be logically organization, include at least one critical thinking question, and utilize APA formatting style to make at least one textbook reference including in-text citation. 
Question 1
Reflect upon race relations in South Africa, Brazil, and the United States. Select a particular issue discussed in the course material and compare/contrast across cases. How are the racial histories similar and different? How has each country responded to racial stratification? What lessons can be drawn from these cases regarding the possibility of racial egalitarianism?

Attached is the lecture to help with question 1

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Cultural Diversity
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Question 2
we discussed the relationship between social structure, stratification, and health quality. In this exercise, you are expected to reflect upon your maturation process and demonstrate that you have considered the demographic characteristics of your childhood, adolescent, and/or adult communities. Utilizing the concepts discussed in lecture, answer the following questions: How has social structure shape your childhood, adolescent, and adult health? What resources were available to facilitate or undermine your health quality? How did your experience compare with other racial/ethnic groups in your community?

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