CS – Action Learning

Assessment Instructions
If you have not yet done so, read the Integrated Action Learning Project description linked in the Resources under the Required Resources heading.
For this assessment, complete a self-assessment narrative, develop a lifelong learning and development plan for a selected IT profession, and write a summary that describes action learning.
Your self-assessment should represent a thorough assessment of what you offer when it comes to your project, as well as how personal factors might affect the success of your project. The result of your self-assessment should be a one- to two-page narrative that describes you as the person who is at the center of the integrated action learning project. If others were to read your narrative, they should be able to get an idea of who you are, what kind of leader you are, and how you fit into the overall project. You may want to consider personal aspects such as the following:

Relevant work experience.
Coursework in this program.
Career goals.
Special training or education.
Strengths and weaknesses.
Beliefs about leadership.
Beliefs about change.
Beliefs about communication.
Beliefs about lifelong learning.
Additional information that may affect the success of your project.

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CS – Action Learning
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Lifelong Learning and Professional Development Plan
Lifelong learning is the key to your continued growth and success within your IT profession. Look over the list below of possible ways to continue your professional development and lifelong learning. This list is not exhaustive. How do you plan to continue your learning and development after you graduate from this program? Why do you see it as important? Develop a lifelong learning and professional development plan for a selected IT profession.

Take ownership for one’s own personal and professional status and growth.
Define personal professional goals that support lifelong productivity and satisfaction.
Regularly self-assess personal growth and challenges to achieving personal goals.
Achieve development planned to reach personal goals.
Seek out mentors to support and challenge future growth and development.
Be active in professional organizations and groups.
Pursue additional education and possibly higher degrees (Davis & Beyerlein, 2005).

Action Learning
How would you define “action learning”? As the person in charge of your IAL project, what is your role in the action learning process? Consider the following, and write a summary in which you describe “action learning” and the role a project leader plays in it.

Communication: How have you used business communication and tools in developing the project proposal?
Decision Tools: What IT tools have you used in developing the proposal and in collaborating during the planning process?
Collaboration: Reflect on the role of collaboration in developing your proposal.

Who did you work with to accomplish the planning in the environment, and how did your connection with them help shape your proposal?
How has feedback from your site supervisor or critical friend contributed to the development of your proposal?

Reflective Learning: Consider the value that your educational and personal background brought to the process. (See your self-assessment.)

How has your learning process in your program at Capella contributed to your approach to developing your final project proposal?
How have other aspects of your background helped or potentially hindered your work on this proposal?
What lessons have you learned from this process that you would apply to future planning pursuits in your field?

Reference ==> Attached ( ExpertProfile090905 ) 
Davis, D. C., & Beyerlein, S. W. (2005). Development and use of an expert profile. Retrieved from http://www.ee.uidaho.edu/ee/power/jlaw/COURSES/CAPSTONE/F05DEVELOPMENT/RESOURCES/ExpertProfile090905.pdf

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