Cross Cultural Leadership

Module Code: MOD003348ASSIGNMENT QUESTION This assignment has an international approach with strong academic rigour. It focuses on the issues associated with leading multi-cultural teams and people management. The questions should be viewed, and answered, within a general health and social care context taking into consideration the emerging digital and empathy economies. This assignment is designed to assess your knowledge, understanding and insight into the transformational business changes that are currently happening around the world and how they affect cross-cultural leadership. TASK Write a professional business report answering all three questions in the main body of the report. In each question, keep in mind that your answers need to analyse and discuss (not just describe) and take into consideration the current and future business environment in which there are an ever-increasing number of both multi-cultural and multi-generational teams. QUESTIONS 1. 1. Consider the global workforce challenges as a result of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, and discuss what leaders, going forward, need to consider so as to be able to monitor both physical and remote team performance. Include key issues associated with the emerging digital, empathy and gig economies and how they will impact health and social care in the future. 2. Analyse the general culture of the United Arab Emirates – using the models and concepts discussed in class – and discuss two suitable leadership approaches that a team leader could use if working in the public health care sector.  3. Reference The Global Human Capital Report 2017: Preparing people for the future of work, (shown in the ‘points to consider’ section on page 3), review the statistics from any two countries of your choice and discuss how leaders in those two countries should adapt their leadership style and approach so as to improve the performance and capabilities of their workplace teams. ASSESSMENT CRITERIA Your business report requires academic theory (as discussed in the weekly class seminars) to underpin your discussions and you are expected to demonstrate your critical thinking and insight as well as:the ability to analyse, critically evaluate and explore different leadership theories and discuss how these might influence the power of the leader in multi-cultural and multi-generational business situations.demonstrate clear analysis, application and critique of your chosen leadership theories highlighting any problems that might arise for a future leader in a global contextknowledge and understanding of the different cultural factors that can, and do, impact upon the performance of an effective and efficient teamconsider the likely future challenges for leaders and their teams in the virtual and gig economy working environment of 4IR. POINTS TO CONSIDER To help you answer the questions for the business report, you will need to use the following resources (as originally discussed in the weekly class seminars), to support your understanding and discussion. This is in addition to the recommended reading books for this module and any of your own research. The Global Human Capital Report 2017: Preparing people for the future of work Bank Development Report 2019: The changing nature of work The Global Competitiveness Report 2019 It is also important to take into consideration the following:different leadership styles and how they might be used in varying contexts.power balance and how this can impact on the leaders’ role.How  leaders need to behave differently when working with 4 generations of worker.the impact of culture upon human capital management and talent development plans.the challenge to sustain quality improvement and business excellence in the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world of 4IR.

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Cross Cultural Leadership
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