Critical thinking paper

You will read a part of a “Room for Debate” Editorial Series from the New York Times for this assignment. To start drafting your paper, follow these directions step-by-step.  
 the article link is

STEP 1: Click on the PDF file in Blackboard associated with this assignment. Print out the pages. Read all the articles carefully. Note that the locating information is given to you for your works cited page on top of the introduction page. (Note:  You may find it helpful to use the libguide {Noodlebib tool housed in the libguide} to construct the works cited.) 
STEP 2: Once you have finished reading these editorials, you will need to write a multi-mode paper (: meaning your paper will both summarize and analyze).  Your paper should begin with an introduction and a thesis unifying the two objectives in step 3 and step 4. Should you need help with thesis statements, introductions and transitions, please reference the English learning module in our course OR the Writing Center. NOTE: Remember this is a humanities paper. There are MAJOR differences in the style of writing between APA and MLA. Review these differences before beginning your draft.  
STEP 3: After the introduction, construct several body paragraphs where you will summarize each debater’s opinion. You will need to SUMMARIZE the debater’s stance (pro-con) in light of the question upon which the debate is centered. In order to complete this step successfully, you will need to refer to the “How to write a summary” handout found in the English help learning module to write your summary in the necessary manner. Take note on the guideline regarding length—a summary for this piece should be in the one to two short paragraph range. Also note that summaries do not include personal opinions or additional information not found in the piece being summarized.  
STEP 4: Then, read the editorials again carefully, centering on the reasons why the author is either pro or con. You’ll see that the authors give different reasons in the editorials. Using the HCTSR (Holistic Critical Thinking Scoring Rubric in your text), analyze and evaluate the critical thinking evident in these editorials. ASSIGN EACH DEBATER A NUMBER and justify it. What critical thinking skills are apparent in their essays? Give me at least TWO examples per debater. Be sure to write about your reasons justifying in specific detail why you gave the editorial the score that you did. Point out words, thoughts, etc. that led you to your evaluation. STEP 5: Bring your paper to a conclusion. In your conclusion, give your personal opinion of the issue, but your opinion should not be in steps 3 or 4. The conclusion is the only place your opinion should appear. Otherwise, in the body of the paper, you are only evaluating debates using the HCTSR criteria.  
Other notes:  Make sure your paper reads as a whole (- unified) and uses transitions. If you are unsure about style or anything contained here in the assignment, ask!  
This paper should contain a Works Cited page in MLA style. Again, seek help at the sources mentioned should you need it.  
APA or other citation styles are not acceptable for this course. MLA style papers are always double spaced with one-inch margins and 12-point Times New Roman or Courier New font. All quotations (anything that is word for word out of the articles and paraphrased thoughts) should be properly attributed with both in-text parenthetical citations and a works cited page. Note that the source link in the PDF of the articles has been provided for you and that the source is not a print source, but an electronic one.  A word about MLA style: Please note that if you choose not to refresh your memory about MLA or choose not to use the sources provided on our classroom BB page or on the LC Library webpage on how to do MLA sourcing and style, it will bring your paper down at least one full letter grade.  
A paper answering all of the above questions in an acceptable manner will produce a minimum of three full-length double-spaced pages (excluding works cited, which is not counted in the page requirement).  
A NOTE ON DEVELOPMENT: You should think of the concepts addressed in chapters one through five to help lead you through this paper. Using the vocabulary and terminology in those chapters will help you produce a strong paper. I am looking for evidence of mastery of textbook terms, showing me you have read and understood the reading from the text through application in this paper. Students who use no material from the textbook should expect a much lower grade than students who correctly use material in their analysis. BACK YOUR OPINION UP with detailed explanations. For instance, if you believed that someone was particularly superficial or particularly strong, tell me why by providing an example with an in-text citation and a reference to one of the textbook concepts.  

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Other notes:  Make sure your paper reads as a whole (- unified) and uses transitions. If you are unsure about 

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