Critical Response

 United States History during the late 1800 and early 1900s was shaped by continuous social, political and economic changes. In a detailed, well-thought out, scholarship based response discuss the social changes which occurred in the United States from Reconstruction to the Progressive Era (Jim Crow/segregation, working conditions, social Darwinism, advancements in education laws passed- 13th, 14th & 15th Amendments, and black codes etc.) Second, discuss the political changes- Compromise of 1877, Political Machines, Progressive Era political issues, and international affairs/conflicts (Spanish American War etc.). Last, explore the economic changes which occurred in the country related to the industrial revolution, urbanization and developments in technology/mass culture. Finally, of the areas (social, political and economic) discussed which do you feel had the most impact on American society (women, children, immigrants,  minorities (Indians, blacks etc.)-explain and discuss the reasons why. 

1- Your response should be at minimum 3 fully developed paragraphs (seven to eight sentences each).
2- Cite relevant information from the textbook, articles read and videos.

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Critical Response
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