Creative Response: Clueless

I could tell Tai’s grieving period would be considerable, unless I found someone to take Elton’s place right away. The next day in class a new guy named Christian came into my class and he was hot. Okay, okay I know I said I would find a guy for Tai, but I suppose there’s no harm in finding one for myself also. During the next few weeks I did what any normal girl would do. I sent myself love letters, flowers and candy. Just so he’d see how desired I was. Just in case he didn’t already know. You also have to show a little skin.
This makes them think of you naked which makes them think of sex. I invited Christian to a party and we danced all night long. Maybe too long. I could tell he was falling in love with me you know, like he even ignored every other girl that night. Diary Entry 2 Christian and I spend all of our time together. We even went shopping together, which was a plus because I wouldn’t have to find Tai or Dionne every time I had a fashion emergency. I would never be caught alone shopping. I mean could you imagine me, shopping alone? How embarrassing would that be right?
Diary Entry 3 Even though I never pay that much attention to those beneath me, Travis the skateboarding pothead had been coming up in many conversations around me. I decided I would investigate the matter. So I asked Tai what everyone was doing. I mean they were talking about baloney head Travis! Tai told me that Travis won like some massive skateboarding competition and has like five sponsors now. She said that he is practically famous. What is wrong with people these days? Thinking that skateboarding is a great enough skill to make a person become famous.

Please, I could do better things in my sleep. Diary Entry 4 It’s been four weeks since I found out about Travis and his new found fame and to be perfectly honest I thought it was going to be his fifteen minutes of fame but that’s not how it has turned out. Everyone has been talking about him and almost all the attention has gone from me and onto to him. What is so great about him anyway? He does a few tricks on a plank of wood with wheels on it, big deal. I don’t know why everyone is so hyped up about him. I mean today I saw a freshman with a picture of him in her locker!
I was all like get real he is just the same old pothead he was a month ago. ? Anyway back to me. It’s been a month and Christian still hasn’t made a move on me. I’m not ugly, I’ve been checked by a doctor for that. There must be something wrong with him because I know it’s not me. I would talk to Tai about it but she seems angry at me for some reason. I suspect it’s because I promised to find her a guy and I still haven’t, but I mean it’s really hard. I have to pay attention to my love life first right, and I can’t talk to Dionne about it, she has her own relationship problems.
Plus I think she has been dragged into the Travis fandom anyway, and who wants to hear about Travis all day? Not me! Diary Entry 5 I am seriously concerned that this whole Travis thing is not a phase. I heard someone say in gym class that he doesn’t even come to school anymore. He just gets paid to skate all day and the teachers are fine with it. How can all the teachers just let something like this happen to me? Especially Miss Geist and Mr Hall. After all I have done for them they should be letting me do whatever I want, not Travis. What has he ever done for them?
I’m sick of my school not paying attention to me, and let alone my supposed friends Tai and Dionne. Like I pretty much created Tai’s popularity she should show a little gratitude. I am the only one at this school that hasn’t completely lost my mind over Travis. Diary Entry 6 I’ve broken things off with Christian. We had been practically been dating for almost two months. I mean we went shopping together, had sleepovers and made fun of everyone’s love for Travis together but he never made a move. I tried to kiss him once but he turned his head and I kissed his cheek instead, I was not happy.
So now I have no one. Christian hangs out with some new French guy, Tai hates me and I am pretty sure she’s has her eye on Josh, ew I don’t know what she sees in him. Dionne is now the leader of the Travis fan club and has no time for me anymore. So it’s just me and my dad. I don’t understand how or why this has happened to me. Diary Entry 7 I’ve decided that I have let this Travis thing go on for far too long, and I am putting an end to it all. By the Travis thing I mean me being less popular and losing all my friends and Travis not being a good citizen and helping me, a girl in need of his help.
He has only been thinking about himself while I am having the biggest crisis of me life! He should really be less selfish. Diary Entry 8 I spoke to Travis about my situation and because he now knows how selfish he was being he has decided to help me, on the condition that I think less about helping myself and think more about other people. To be less selfish myself I’ve decided I will give Tai tips about what Josh is interested in, I will take her on a shopping spree, and I’ll help Dionne with the Travis merchandise, like making posters and t-shirts.
I also bought Christian and his French buddy new tuxes to wear to the winter prom. So now it’s Travis’ turn to help me. Diary Entry 9 Travis told me that he had already helped me by showing me that I wasn’t the only one who always needed help. Travis is smarter than I thought. He is a nice person and I am grateful for his help. I may have misjudged him before. I have my friends back at my side. Tai is dating Josh. Dionne has her fan club running smoothly and she is still happily dating Murray. Christian announced that he has fallen in love with his French guy, and I found out how much I really like Travis.
We have been going out for two months now and life is great. I wouldn’t change it in anyway. Rationale The text is Cher’s diary. It starts when Cher, Tai and Dionne are sitting and talking about Elton and Tai feels rejected. Cher says that she will find Tai a guy but she never does. Then Cher falls for the new guy, Christian. She forgets about her friends and while she is distracted by Christian, Cher loses all her popularity to the newly famous pro skater Travis. After a while Cher loses interest in Christian and realises she has lost her friends and her high status.
She asks Travis to help her win her popularity back. Travis helps her become less selfish and Cher’s friends forgive her and take her back. Cher then falls for Travis. In Clueless Cher does not learn any lessons and does not realise that the way she acts is selfish and unkind. Cher gets her own way and never learns that there are consequences for her actions. The alternate ending I have written teaches Cher not to judge a book by its cover and that everyone does not always like the way she treats them. Travis teaches her to be less selfish and Cher discovers how much she actually likes him.

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Creative Response: Clueless
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