Cousin Finny

Thank you. ” The movie Director: Jonathan Lynn Plot Us Mary: Bill Gambling and Stanley Retentions are two friends from New York University who just received scholarships to UCLA They decide to drive throw GHz the South. Once they arrive in Alabama, they stop at a local convenience store to pick up a few snacks. But, no sooner than they leave the store, they are arrested. They had thought that they were arrested for shoplifting, but they were arrested for mum order and robbery.
Worse, they are facing execution for this crime. Bill and Stan do not have enough money for a lawyer, so the good news is that Bill has a lawyer in his FAA mill, his cousin, Vincent Laggardly Gambling. The bad news is that Finny is an inexpert n ceded lavaВ»year who has not been at a trial. So, Finny has to defend his clients and beat lee an uncompromising judge, some tough locals, and even his fiancee, Mona Lisa Vi to, who just does not know when to shut up, to prove his client’s innocence.
But he w ill soon realize that he is going to need help. Personal Response: Primarily, I thought the film was very funny. I loved the actor/ actress and the overall storyline was great. L liked the movie because it was comical while also being s errors at mom points. Loved the relationship between Finny and Lisa; they were funny together however, they helped each other throughout the film no matter how much the eye argued .

It honestly had to be the best part Of the movie for me because even though t hey argued constantly you could still tell that the two bought out the best in one a another. I kind of had a feeling that if Vinson the case it would be in part because of help from sis because the whole time she was so adamant in trying to help him win. So when she showed him the photos I had an idea that something in them would be the kicker to turn the case around completely, and that’s exactly what happened.
I loved the e fact that Finny turned out to be a good lawyer, and that the case was won. There wasn’t much that I disliked about the film, the only problem I had was n the beginning where there were many unnecessary misunderstandings such as w why the two young men were being convicted and how Finny came into the picture. I din’ understand the reason that the two boys were getting arrested for something they didn’t do because they were too stupid to ask what they were being arrested for, an d the cop didn’t bother to tell them until they got there.

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