Corporate america

Corporate America People in todays society probably think that the government runs our country. The sad thing about this is that they are completely wrong. What if the one and only great United States of America was in fact, ran by its massive corporations. As a whole, America has fallen from their past virtues and qualities on how to properly run a government. Nowadays giant corporations can often persuade the government into their favor.
Within the picture, some of the top companies in America that supply people with uxuries, have become so accustomed to our culture, they have become essentials and have a bigger say in our lives. Some of these essentials are: Internet Explorer, Nike, and 18M. For the most part, the corporate logos on the flag are some of our major and most dominant companies. With the amount of currency that the companies produce and contribute to the national debt they easily can do what they want and when. The particular logos shown in the picture are mainly the worlds most successful businesses.
The altered American flag could also be acknowledged for the fact that it is the opulation that builds the corporate businesses into the empires they are today. All of the corporate logos are examples of the businesses with the most say. Nike, influences athletes that they wont be good or cool without it. Camel represents that no one will be calm without a cigarette. They range from Gas/Oil companies, Fast Food, and to pornography. Each one of these logos attracts a different emotion to a different audience; Camel to cigarette smokers, Nike to athletes, McDonalds to fast food eaters.

This could encourage rage, confusion, and a bit of regret in Americans bout their decisions and what they invest in. Most people can agree that instead of this picture having a negative connotation, it is almost a patriotic accomplishment, of how far we have come with corporate America. It can show that not only do those companies do very well in one area, but even more successful and powerful internationally. America has come very far and distant from its natural virtues and ideas. The multi-billion dollar companies having some of the biggest, if not the biggest, influences in the world mainly caused this.
As time has gone on, companies have become the driving factor in our decision making process in our country. With the power capitalized in large companies, they can easily persuade our government into anything that benefits their businesses. When our country was first founded we had a strict democracy planned out where the people would vote on many things going into act. As time has gone on, ideas and decisions have gotten less and less strict, and the companies have learned how to take advantage of the government easier and easier.

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Corporate america
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