Copper Cycle Lab Report

Copper Cycle Instructions for Laboratory Reports

Your lab report must be submitted using this official report sheet.

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Copper Cycle Lab Report
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You must legibly and correctly provide all identifying information requested above. Incomplete or incorrect information can lead to substantial penalties.
You are strongly encouraged to type all or most of your responses. Responses can be first written and saved using a word processor (e. g. Microsoft Word) and then pasted into the report form. Printing problems often occur when the PDF report forms are edited and saved on Mac computers. Concessions will not be made for technical difficulties.
If you choose to handwrite any part of the report, you must do so legibly in ink. Illegible responses, including sections written with poor handwriting or typed in with minuscule font size will not be marked and will be assigned a value of zero.
Detailed instructions on how to write a lab report are provided on pages 10 – 15 of the lab manual.
Lots of space is provided in each section of the report. Be concise. You do not need to fill in all space provided for the sake of doing so.
When asked to provide calculations, for full credit you must provide a labeled and systematic approach showing all steps and assumptions required to determine the required results. All calculations must be typed or written legibly.
You must submit the complete set of original copies (i. e. he white copies) of your Data/Observation sheets that were signed by your TA with your report. Any attempt to alter the original data or use a different set of data in the analyses contained in this report is an act of academic dishonesty and will be penalized as such. Some marks will be allocated to the completeness of your data.
It is an act of plagiarism (will be penalized) to use any data or information obtained from the literature and/or Web sources without properly citing it. You should rewrite cited work in your own words, especially if the quotation ps more than a couple of sentences.
Staple together all pages relating to this report and submit it in the correct slot in the reported cabinet before the submission deadline. Reports submitted into the wrong slot or late will be penalized.

Purpose Results
Use your experimental data to determine the percent recovery of copper from Cu(NO3). Use your observations to provide evidence for all successful reactions completed and products formed. Where applicable, list ions in their coordination complex form; for example, when Cu2+ exists as the hexaaquo complex, use
[Cu(H2O)6]2+ (aq) in your equation.
Note: The zinc cation also forms a hexaaquo complex in aqueous solution.

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