Continuing My Education

Running Head: Continuing My Education1 Why Continuing My Education Is Important To Me Carla Conley English Composition I Professor Victoria Stamm October 29, 2010 Continuing My Education2 Returning to school for me at this point of time in my life is very important. I have quite of few things I want to accomplish in life, and one definite thing is receiving my degree. I now work for a large health insurance company, which has many good paying jobs, but unfortunately, I do not have the education or qualifications for these positions.
Therefore, my first reason to receiving my degree is to get a promotion. I do not want to be stuck in the same position that I am in now even though it is kind of challenging. I would like to be promoted to something more that I will enjoy doing. Please understand I am glad to have a job, but I would like to earn more money. I think by receiving my degree I can make much more money. In addition, this will help me to gain additional training to help me in my position that I am in now. Taking a couple of classes at Ashford University has made more alert and organized.
Therefore, gaining more education is a plus for me, because I will be more knowledgeable, and be able to get the career I want. In addition, it will make me more self-assured, and keep me ahead of the game for when my daughter starts grade school. These days’ children are being taught college courses, and I have to be smart enough to help her. I think it is wonderful to get all the education I can to help to help me to proceed better on my job. I am going to school for Health and Human Services, so that that will definitely be a career change for me.

This is something that I have been interested in for a while. I am extremely excited that I am able to take two courses in one. Many schools do not offer both Health and Human Services for one major. As a result, I feel that I am accomplishing two goals at once. Continuing My Education3 Even though I want to accomplish receiving my degree for professional reasons, I do have personal reasons too. One is self-improvement. This will make me feel that I can do anything in life once I receive my degree. See I have a best friend from school; I still stay in touch with, and her name is Tia.
She is another reason I am going back to school. After graduating from college, she was able to find a good career, and buy a beautiful house. She was a single mother with two children doing all of this. In addition, I see people who are older than I am going back to college. That is a motivator for me. Especially since, I have put it off for so long. Although, I am excited about starting school again, it still has not been a joy ride for me. I have to admit that I am really struggling doing my assignments.
I find myself procrastinating quite a bit. I tell myself that I am going to stop doing this, but I seem to be stuck on these assignments. I am really struggling with these writing assignments. I would not mind writing if there were not so many guidelines to follow. I just hope that I am able to continue my education and do not get frustrated with these assignments coming up. Unfortunately, I know this is not going to get easier. As a result, I have to stop putting things off, have better time management, organization, and better studying skills.
Again, I cannot express how important it is for me to enhance my education. I am not a dumb person, but I think I can be even smarter by going back to school. I have great common sense. Therefore, with gaining more education I think I will be a genius in my own world. Another reason for furthering my education is to be the first to receive my degree in my family. Continuing My Education4 Quite of few of us have been going to school for a while, but we quit. Consequently, I hope by receiving my degree this will make some of my family embers want to go ahead and get their degree. In addition, I want to be an inspiration for my daughter. I know many of times I hear parents tell their children that furthering their education is important, but they do not have a degree their-selves. When a child sees that, he or she is not inspired as much to further their education. I was determined not to let that stop me though from going back to school, because no one else has any degree in my family. Thus, I think it is important to have that degree under my belt.
I have to remember whatever is going on in my life I have to accomplish this goal this time around. I cannot keep coming up with excuses. If I do not finish this time I will never finish. In addition, you are never too old to accomplish anything in life. Life is short, so I have made the best of it and try to accomplish as many goals as I can. I hope that when I graduate and receive my degree I can write a complete paper about fulfilling my goal. Continuing My Education5
References Sole, K. (2010). Essentials of College Writing. Retrieved from https://content. ashford. edu/AUENG121. 10. 1

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