Confusion – personal writing

Rosie ran a brush through her copper-gold, long, silky hair and smiled contentedly. After a touch of lip-gloss was applied she was satisfied with her reflection, so she grabbed her jacket and bounded down to where her Mother was waiting. “Okay honey?” her Mum asked smiling.
“Yes, fine thank you Mum.” Rosie replied cheerfully.
Rosie was adopted as a child and lived with her mother and adoptive brother in a renovated house in Yorkshire. Her Mother was single and Rosie had never had any contact with her natural parents. Rosie loved her life, she was seeing a lovely guy and her Mum and her were just going to the local shopping center were she was going to meet up with him.

Rosie and her Mum, Nicola drove down the motorway in their Renault. It was a beautiful day, Rosie thought to herself as she gazed at the deep, blue sky making shapes in her mind out of the puffy, white candyfloss like clouds. Suddenly her head was thrown sideways against the window and a loud screeching filled her ears. Then all the noise, all the visions were gone and Rosie felt strangely peaceful.
Rosie opened her eyes and all she could see was white. She tried to sit up but her head hurt so much she slumped back down again. From that position she tried to figure out her surroundings. She was looking straight upwards at a plain, white ceiling without a blemish on it. She slowly and painfully turned her head and was faced with a blue curtain. To puzzled to be panicked she tried to figure out where she was. She didn’t have long to wait.
The blue curtain was yanked backed and an extremely harassed looking man looked in. “Let me see my daughter, where is she?” he was saying.
“Please sir you’re disturbing the patients,” a nurse was telling him worriedly.
“Oh thank goodness!” said the strange man and started hugging Rosie. At first Rosie was to shocked to respond and then she pushed him away with all the strength she could muster.
“What do you think you are doing?” Rosie spluttered.
“Darling, what’s the matter? What’s wrong?” the man asked Rosie, and then turning to the nurse he repeated, “What’s wrong? Why doesn’t she recognize me?”
“I’m sorry, she’s been through a lot. She needs some rest, please come back later when things are a bit clearer to her.”
“What do you mean?” the strange man demanded, his voice rising, “This is my only daughter lying here, I need to be with her.”
” I realise you must be anxious but the best thing you can for your daughter now is to let her rest, so please I must ask you to leave.” Reasoned the nurse.
The man seemed to be fighting a battle with himself to control his emotions. It looked like he won and he seemed to use a lot of self-restraint as he said, “Fine, I’ll see you later Jenny, and just remember Daddy loves you.” Then he walked out.
“Try and get some rest dear.” Soothed the nurse, and then she followed him, shutting the curtain as she left.
Jenny lay back, a million thoughts running through her head at once.

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Confusion – personal writing
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