Conflict with Watching Tv

Television viewing is a regular part of American daily life and poses negative effects on children and adults. When television was invented children and adults would only spend a couple hours during the day watching television. Now children and adults are obsessively watching television for more than two hours a day. Television creates multiple health problems. A problem with watching too much television is a lack of movement and sleep. Also, watching too much television can cause a lack of communication inside and outside of the house.
Television is extremely distracting when a person is trying to do his or her homework. Television is detrimental because it creates health problems. The television provides many opportunities to be lazy. First, children and adults will stay up all night watching television causing a lack of sleep having an after effect in the schooling department. A negative effect of television is adults and children are missing out on the physical workout that keeps us healthy from being outside and active. Second, it has been proven that television has a connection with weight gain.
Children are more obsessive over TV because they mimic what they see on television without understanding the consequences that follow their actions. Children may watch TV shows that contain violence and will mimic it. This could lead to nightmares and acting out. Third, television can lower a person’s self-esteem. The media puts on ads of products portraying the perfect image, as a result making children and adults have low self-esteem. When children watch too much violence they become unaware of reality and try to imitate it.

If television does not benefit children it can lead them to behave inappropriately. Other than television creating health problems, it is also detrimental because it makes people communicate less. Without a parent’s guide or adult supervision, shows on television can become a lifestyle for the young ages of today. First, viewers are unable to carry on a conversation while watching television. People are discarding and ignoring potentially important conversations simply by focusing on the television rather than people talking. Next, people spend us the majority of their time watching television.
Television demands vision and hearing to receive images and sounds so that the viewer can get important information to understand programs. Second, some families go as far as letting their children watching television during dinner time instead of sitting around the dinner table and discussing valuable matters. Instead of watching television, the day should be spent productively with family, aside from work and school. A lack of communication will diminish parent-child interaction can have negative effects on children, especially when they are young.
Third, this neglect could lead to the breakdown of relationships between family members and lost friendships. Television is a function that is diffusing information but lacks interaction with other people. The longer a person watches television, the shorter his or her communication skills are. When a person watches TV constantly they do not care for a long meaningful conversation only a superficial conversation. Due to spending most of our daily time watching television, people care less about job responsibility and relationships between families and friends.
Not only does television create lack of communication, TV also creates distraction. Children who become addicted to television seem to have worst grades based on the fact that television runs there life’s. First, Television is distracting because it takes away the ability to want to do homework or read. People’s attention spend gets shortened because too much of television. This is where procrastination starts people decide to watch a TV show and then do their homework after the show is finished, but instead they get sleepy and are not able to complete it.
Second, continuing to watch TV instead of doing homework will have a major effect on a student’s grades. Some people stay up to watch all the games that play so they do not miss anything. Sleeping in late can cause individuals to be tired the next day of school and can lead to not doing as great on an assignment, quiz, or test the following morning. Third, when watching television, some people are not as likely to be involved with other activities. Television affects children the most. Every child has limited time and resources to put toward personal development.
If children fill up all their free time watching television they will miss out on many life lessons learned through experience. Children may learn a little bit from the TV, but not nearly as much as school and playing outside. Having more quantity time to spend on their own development means that our children are starting to seriously excel in certain areas they’ve worked on with their own initiative. In conclusion, television is detrimental because it creates health problems by making people lazier.
After work these days, a typical father comes home and sits down in front of the television instead of being productive by spending time with their children, or working on projects. Too much television also causes a lack of communication because most people tend to get absorbed in the story of their favorite show, and completely ignore their surroundings including their upset spouse or child. Television can be an addiction that makes people lethargic, anti-social, and distracted affecting many areas of a healthy life.

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Conflict with Watching Tv
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