Communication task

British sign language which is a specific sis language that is used in Britain, the use of megaton, which is a simplified verse n of the British sign language that is used for children or those with disabilities or the use of signs, symbols, pictures, writing and finger spelling which gives a person that I s unable to talk or hear an effective way to communicate with friends, family and career believe that interpersonal interactions are just as important as any other method of communication this is because the way interpersonal interactions are used ca determine many things within a conversation e. . If you have poor body langue age like crossed legs and playing with a pen it suggests that you are not paying attention n and you are not interested in what the other person is saying. Will now explain the e role of effective communication and interpersonal interactions within two scenarios. Scenario 1 Alfa will not leave his room after accusing other residents in a residential home for stealing his money before the career found this money in Alfa pocket.
The care r would have to communicate with Alfa to help the situation as a one to one context to encourage Alfa to feel comfortable as he may not feel comfortable talking about the situate ion when other residents or careers are present because he may feel embarrassed. As Alfa is a welsh speaker a career that has the ability to speak welsh should b allocated to talk to Alfa to prevent any language barriers that may arise. This WI II be a formal conversation between professional and a person using the service.
The career will have to use oral communication as it is the most effective WA y to gain an immediate response and to be able to show your emotion such as using b DOD language. Body language is an important nonverbal interpersonal interaction because it can show another person our emotions e. G. If you are moving around and lo king away lot it can suggest you are not interested in what they are saying and also it c an be altered to gain another trust and to ensure they feel comfortable.

The career would have to speak in a respectful manner towards Alfa and adder sees his collect to be able to communicate effectively e. G. It is disrespectful to speak to your elders with slang unless you know them very well because it may offend them or they may simply not understand a youths slang such as ‘alright lad’ they don’t ACTA ally mean that they are talking to a male its a nickname for a friend or someone they an
Alfa has a hearing problem so he wears a hearing aid which is a technological al aid to communication however even with the hearing aid the career should use a Simi plea lexis and speak clearly so that he can understand, the career should also be facing A If so that the career’s voice is projected towards him more efficiently. The career would have to use nonverbal interpersonal interactions by shows Eng a positive posture which consists of not crossing your arms and legs. By showing g this positive posture the career is showing Alfa that they are interested in his though TTS and feelings of the situation.
The career would also use reflective listening by asking g Alfa questions to empower him. Facial expressions are read when a face to face conversation is taking place so the career should ensure that they have a gyms atheistic and caring facial expression to encourage Alfa to talk about the way he feels, the e career should ensure that they do not have an angry or happy facial expression became use this might suggest to Alfa that the career is annoyed with him or finds the situation f noun which may encourage Alfa to feel uncomfortable and anxious.
Following the meeting the career should use written communication to log t e situation down into a book such as an incident book, so that if needed to the information on is there permanently so it can be reviewed. The career could also use technological communication by Emailing or testing the main career to inform them of the sis tuition that has occurred because tech analogical communication is the most effective way if you need to inform someone of something and do not need an immediate response Scenario 2 Rosier is a young women who is terminally ill, she informs the career that she re ally wants to leave hospital to go home.
The career would have to communicate with Rossi e and Rookie’s family within a group context, this will be because as Rosier deteriorate s her family would be held responsible to care for her as well as a district nurse. The career would have to use technological communication to contact a doctor or that can inform Rosier and her family of all the effects that can occur if Rosier is to g o home. Rosier would have to communicate with a professional to find out whether she can go home and if so what precautions should be taken.
Different professionals would have to work together to try meet the needs f Rosier which is multidimensional working, this can include Rookie’s career, a doctor an d a counselor working together to see if it is suitable for Rosier to go home. The career should empower Rosier by encouraging her to tell the career why s he wants to go home, the career could use silence while Rosier is talking because the pop e r Of silence is significant however at the same time the career should be using facial expressions and body movement to show that they are listening.
The career c loud place her hand on Rookie’s shoulder to communicate through touch, this shows that he career is understanding and is trying to comfort Rosier. 2 As Rosier has a different dialect to the career because she is from different r colon Rosier pronounces words differently and also uses different words and phrase s e. G. Rosier is originally from London and has the cockney accent, the cockney ace changes a lot of words e. . The English word hair they change to Barnett, the c are would have to listen attentively to ensure that she does not misunderstand what Or sis IS saying. Rookie’s counselor suggests that she could use arts and crafts to release her negative motions as arts and crafts are known as therapeutic activities which are often n used with children and adults that have mental health Illnesses to boost their moo d.
As Rookie’s condition deteriorates she may become unable to communicate effectively through oral communication so the career should teach her different signs and symbols to use to communicate, signs and symbols are very helpful for people that ca not communicate orally or people that simply do not want to because of a condition on such as selective mutatis, they can use these signs and symbols so that the people AR undo them can understand what they want to say or need.
There are many different aspects to being able to communicate effectively and most of them are used in our everyday lives e. G. Communication forms such as text messaging are used all the time to connect with our friends and family. After explaining the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in a health and social care context it shows just how important effective communication is to be able e to be understood.
Effective communication is important because without it patients wouldn’t e able to receive the care that they need because of poor or no communication interpersonal interactions are also important so that the emotion behind ha t a person is saying is not misunderstood. 3 PA Discuss theories of communication will be discussing two theories of communication one as a that applies to a o en to one context and the other as a group context. Jean’s theory assists in giving effective communication to patients, this once auroras the patient to trust the caregiver.
Jean’s theory (1986) consists of a technique called ‘SOLES and each letter h s a different step in order to communicate effectively. Jean’s theory can only be used in a one to one context however it can be formal or informal. The ‘S’ is for sitting at a comfortable distance and angle, the ‘O’ is for open p suture, the ‘L’ is for leaning,looking and listening the ‘E’ is for effective eye contact and the ‘ R’ is for remaining relatively relaxed.
A situation that is suitable for this theory would be a General Practitioner TA King to their patient, this is suitable because it is a situation where the context is one to on e and it is formal. A GAP would use the ‘SOLES’ technique from the moment their patient walks through the door, they should be sitting at the right angle which is head on to the patient and they should be sitting at a comfortable distance not too close and not too far away because e the patient may feel that they are not important if they are sat far away however they ma y feel intimidated if the GAP sits too close to them.
They should sit with an open posture with their arms and legs uncrossed to prevent the patient from feeling that the GAP is uninterested. They shouldn’t put anything I n between themselves and the patient e. . A table, a cup Of coffee/ tea because this may give the impression that they are putting a physical barrier in between a professional and a user of the service which can cause the patient to feel they do not want to have a connect ion with the GAP leading to the patient not telling the GAP what their problem is.
When a GAP is talking to their patient they should lean forward every now an d then, they should look as if they are genuinely interested and listen attentively all these s tepees empower the patient which should encourage the patient that they can take control Oft e conversation supporting their confidence. A GAP should use effective eye contact when communicating to a patient to ensure the patient knows the GAP is listening to them which should be done by looking at the but not staring, however if the patient has a condition such as anxiety this may make them feel uncomfortable and anxious.
The GAP should remain relaxed and talk with a calm and almost sympathetic voice throughout the session so that the patient does not become panicked however re if the patient becomes aggressive the GAP should talk in an assertive voice and try to diffuse he situation encouraging patient to calm down. Jean’s theory would also be effective when a counselor is talking to their p tenant however it wouldn’t be effective at a work meeting because this is within a group and Egg Nan’s theory is for a one to one context. Barnyard’s theory is used within groups and could be formal or informal. It works by noticing the dynamics within a group and preventing or encouraging them. Barnyard’s theory could be used at a daycare centre because this is a group. In the group some children have been attending for a long time and some may be new, so the children that eve been there longer have had chance to bond and get to know each other whereas the newer children may not want to be there and may try to be destructive toward ads the discussions or just too shy to bond with others.

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