The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was passed by President Barack Obama in 2010 that includes expanding Medicaid eligibility, encourage small business to provide health Insurance, prevent denial of insurance, establish health insurance exchanges and support for health research (Health care reform, 2010).  The PPACA ensure that every individual receive the health care benefits and stay well. There is a large group of health care professionals who are connected with the system to help us heal and have better health services system (American Nurse Association, 2010).
There are multiple keys provision that has been addressed in PPACA, however, the most two key provision that will impact the current nursing practice is 5202 (Nursing Student Loan Program) and 5404 (Nursing Workforce Diversity Grants) (ANA, 2010).
The key provision Nursing Student Loan Program (5202) will impact the nursing practice because many students take loan to go to nursing school or to receive higher education in nursing. Having certain amount of loan available for nursing student would put them at risk to rethink about their career and finishing their education. It will also create the nursing shortage problem because student might not decide to go for nursing school.
The other key provision Nursing Workforce Diversity Grants (5404) will also impact the nursing practice because many organizations provide the grants to continue educate their nurses and receive diploma degree.  The organization would grant the money if nurses need to enter bridge program or degree completion program (ANA, 2010). It would be helpful to the nurses to continue focus on their educational goals while they are working in nursing profession. For example, Kaiser Permanente provided grant to many LVN nurses to achieve BSN degree while they are still working in their position. It really helps those nurses to complete the program and not having any financial burden or loan to pay. For example, my workplace is also providing certain amount of grant to achieve higher level of education.


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