Comment 2

As the US population ages for nurses it is important to complete comprehensive geriatric assessments. Comprehensive geriatric assessments are composed of many assessments and examinations like physical examination, mental status assessment, social status, functional status, economic status, and examination of the physical environment for safety concerns, and pain (Jarvis, 2016).  Functional ability assessment looks at the mental, physical, and social environment; is the patient’s mental state strong enough to support themselves or is the environment that they live in safe enough in order to live independently. Other functional assessments include the activities of daily living (ADLs), ADLs measures and lets the nurse conclude and find out the status and the life of the patient daily live, such as if the patient is able to bathe or go to the bathroom, can they drive, and are they able to perform daily activities. A nurse should ask the patient what their abilities are to perform tasks and also the nurse should observe their abilities to perform those tasks. For the patient these assessments maybe crucial and identifies the older adult’s abilities of strength and limitations so that they can be provided with interventions that will help provide them self-independence and prevent functional decline (Jarvis, 2016).

When assessing the geriatric population, the nurse should make sure to observe the overall appearance of the patient. Nurse should also provide privacy to the patient as well as make sure the environment is comfortable and warming keeping in mind the position of how they sit and making sure they won’t have to be distressed by moving them often. Older patients may need time when telling you their problems. Assessing the patients gait and pain level by looking at their face can help in assessments. It is important to talk to the elderly patient calmly to relax them. Some patients may need aids to hear or read, speaking slowly and clearly can help make sure the conversations are heard. Using physical touch to help assess the patient will help if they are unable to see or hear. As an older person may tire easily it is important to take breaks and not rush through the exam allowing the patient to be thoroughly examined and heard (Jarvis, 2016).

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Comment 2
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