comm 100

COMM 100/ Introduction to Communication 
Extra Credit Opportunity 

Format/Turning In: 

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comm 100
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Assignment should be no longer than 2 pages, single spaced, 12 pt. font, 1 inch margins
Print the assignment and give it to me in class or slide it under my office door. There’s free
printing (up to 10 pages) at any of the Student Centers (such as the Pride, Gender Equity, [email protected], Black Student, and Cross Cultural Centers)
Information: 2 points
o Provide your name, class, date attended and date written
o Provide the name of the event you attended or film you watched
Summary: 5 points (1 paragraph) Summarize the event you attended/film you watch. If it was a film, summarize the film’s plot and discuss important characters and/or themes. If it was a lecture, exhibit, performance or discussion, write about the key points or themes in the event, who spoke/performed/did art, and any definitions or concepts that were relevant to the event. Your summary should provide enough detail to demonstrate that you were present at the event.
Application: 8 points (1 paragraph) Apply what you saw/heard to the readings and concepts for this class. Specifically, tie what you learned by attending the event to something relevant you’ve learned from the class. It is not enough to simply say, “this is related to communication.” Instead, discuss specific concepts from the readings (use page numbers and citations) and make connections to the event and your own life.

o Example: If you attend a poetry reading or performance, you could define “identity,” and discuss how the poet’s identity was revealed in their performance, or how your own identity resonated with the performer’s. 
o Avoid discussing general concepts such as paradigms, human communication, etc. • Personal Reflection: 5 points (1 paragraph) Discuss how this event impacted you 
personally. Did you enjoy the event/film or was it challenging? Why do you think you felt this way? What did you learn, that you honestly didn’t know before? If you could tell someone ONE thing you got from this event, what would it be? 
Many of you have asked for a list of documentaries that you can use for ONE of the possible Extra Credit Assignments.  Here is a list of films I’ve approved in the past, and they are available on a variety of streaming venues:
An Inconvenient Truth (2006)An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power (2017)Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (2005)One of Us (2017)Citizenfour (2014)Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower (2017)Growing Up Coy (2017)I am Not Your Negro (2016)Oklahoma City (2017)LA 92 (2017)Trophy (2017)Cielo (2018)Minding the Gap (2018)Bisbee ’17 (2018)Won’t You be my Neighbor (2018)Ryuichi Sakamoto: Coda (2018)

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