CIS 502 Discussion Reply

Cryptography Keys

Cryptography provides confidentiality, integrity authentication, and nonrepudiation for sensitive information while it is stored (at rest), traveling across a network (in transit), and existing in memory (in use). Cryptography keys play in the world of data security and are an extremely important security technology embedded in many of the security controls used to protect information from unauthorized visibility and use.   
Let’s say you work for one of the following types of industry: 

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CIS 502 Discussion Reply
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After you choose one of the above, consider the three types of algorithms commonly used today. 

The industry I choose was manufacturing.


Which did you find to be the most secure?

 The RSA is the most secure because it uses two keys for encryption. RSA works with keys that are 1024 or 2048 bits long. It is recommended that you use 2048-bit keys for encryption. RSA is used for SSH authentication, for SSL encryption, and for processing sensitive data in various browsers.


Which is the most complex?

 The RSA is the most complex because you have use factoring of long strings and the factoring of two large prime numbers. Both the private and public keys are created by multiplying two large numbers, creating a modulus. The modulus creates the public key by adding a public exponent. The modulus creates a private key by adding a private exponent. RSA encryption is slower than other encryption algorithms but more secure.


Which did you struggle to understand?

Since I don’t use algorithms in my current job functions, I don’t have a thorough understanding of using them.


What do you think you need to know as a manager to choose the right security systems for your company?

 As a future manager in the insurance industry, it is essential for me to know what data and information that needs protecting.  Understanding the laws and regulations that are necessary to address company liability will help me, as a manager, decide which encryption algorithm is right for the company.

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