China Sildenafil Market Forecast

There are hundreds of millions of males suffering room sexual dysfunction in the world, of which over 50 million are in China. Statistics indicates that more than 60% of males aged above 35 in China have sexual dysfunction of different degrees. About 50% of the causes of erectile dysfunction are organic, and 30% are psychological while 20% of them are organic and psychological at the same time. Erectile dysfunction can have severe psychological consequences as it can be tied to relationship difficulties and masculine Selfridges generally.
Consequently many pharmaceutical enterprises are very concerned about male sexual dysfunction drug market. Goldenseal, developed by Pfizer Co. , Ltd. , was originally developed as a postmistresses type 5 inhibitor (PEED inhibitor) to treat cardiovascular diseases. However, the medicine did not avail against the disease. In April 1991, the clinical research of goldenseal officially failed, but a side effect in the report attracted the researchers’ attention. They found that patients were unwilling to return the remaining medication after the trial.
Through further investigation researchers discovered that the medication can improve the patients’ sexual life. Under the permission of Pfizer top management, experiment about silliness’s effect on penile corpus cavernous smooth muscle was carried out. The medication (goldenseal produced by Pfizer with the trade name “Vicarage”) was approved to the market by FDA on March 27, 1998, which soon became a wardrooms product of Pfizer Co. , Ltd. Inquire this Report before buying @ http://www. chinamarketresearchreports. Mom/ Besides erectile dysfunction, goldenseal is also useful for the prevention and treatment of highlighted pulmonary edema and altitude sickness. The global sales revenue of Vicarage reached USED 2. 05 billion in 2012. Indications patent owned by Pfizer expires in 2014. Vicarage entered China in 1998. According to Crib’s investigation on sample hospitals in China, the sales revenue of Vicarage keeps rising steadily without sharp increase. CRIB reckons that most of its sales revenue in China is from drug stores instead of hospitals since Vicarage can be easily bought in many drug stores without prescription though it is a prescription drug in China.

For Vicarage is an important medication in treatment of sexual dysfunction in China, many domestic enterprises China Goldenseal Market Forecast to 2018 By Danville-Marina’ Chinese pharmaceutical enterprise is expected to appear on the market in the third quarter of 2014. Goldenseal produced by other enterprises will be launched soon in succession. Price of Vicarage in China may be reduced as the generic drugs enter the market. However, the price reduction will not prevent Pfizer market share from decreasing since prices of homemade generic drugs will be even lower.

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China Sildenafil Market Forecast
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