Child Sex Abuse

Child Sexual abuse “All my childhood lived a dual life-when I was being abused, and the life when I wasn’t. “-Harris leery, an Indian survivor of child sexual abuse, who had a tremendously shocking childhood. Whenever I think about his suffering, my soul starts to tremble with nauseating. For about 11 years of his life, he used to get raped in the place, what we call home; however… For a 7 year old Harris, his home used to be worse than the hell whenever his soul used to be sucked by a Demented of his family.
It’s not only about Harris or Indian children; all around the world children have been victimized by inhumane abusers. “In JACK, 1 in 20 children have been sexually abused”-NSP. 18,91 5. This humongous number is the number of children sexually abused in 2012/2013 in England and Wales; imagine the number in the UK, Europe and the world. Think! May be, the person sitting next to you might was, is or going to be sexually abused. You, your friend or your family member might be one of them. Is this the modern world: the 21st century?
I don’t think so! These children are the future; and our future seems to be blemishing because these buds are put to sleep before they emerge and blossom as flowers. Help! Help! The children’s soul screams but in the silence. Those little and pure minds are tortured, threatened and tormented till they give up. New research suggests children who are repeatedly abused, or are abused by a member of their immediate family, are at higher risk of attempting suicide in later life. Help these children. It feels nice.

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Child Sex Abuse
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