Castor & Pollux

In Greek mythology, Castor and Pollux were the offspring of Leda and the Swan, as Zeus had disguised himself. Leda gave birth to an egg from which sprang the twins. Various stories state that the twins had different fathers; Pollux was the offspring of Zeus, or Jupiter, and Castor was the child of Leda’s mortal husband, King Tyndareus of Sparta. Therefore, Castor is mortal and Pollux is immortal. Some say that the twins each wear half of the egg in honor of their being hatched instead of born. They received divine honors under the name Dioscuri, which directly translates to sons of Jove (Bulfinch 1).
Castor and Pollux were significantly important to the Romans.
Castor and Pollux : IMPORTANCE

By the Roman era their importance as lesser divinities had increased beyond that which it had played in Ancient Greece, as Kastor and Polydeukes, the Dioskouroi. Some form of twin gods is found in nearly every polytheistic religion. The Dioscuri represent, in their simplest form, the ever-changing cycle from dark to light, and light to dark. Castor and Pollux play many different, but equally significant roles. They are honored as the gods of athletes. Castor is famous for taming and managing horses, and Pollux is known for his skills in the ring, both wrestling and boxing (Bulfinch 1). They are also soldiers, especially the cavalry. In Rome’s earlier days they were part of the Equestrians, the supreme models of courage and bravery. The Dioscuri are seen as the inventors of military song, music, and dance, and are considered to be the patrons of each. They are also known to be the special protectors of sailors, and have the power to calm the sea and winds. Many seamen would pray to the twins in storm or peril. The Dioscuri are also the gods of friendship, fertility, and initiations.

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