Case Write-up 1 – Harlequin Case

Harlequin Case (1-4)

Apply the VRIO framework to Harlequin in series romance fiction. Why has Harlequin been so successful?

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Case Write-up 1 – Harlequin Case
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What is your assessment of Harlequin’s value chain? How does Harlequin create and capture value?
How difficult is it to imitate what Harlequin does in series fiction?Why?  How likely are competitors to imitate Harlequin?

What is your assessment of the single-title market opportunity for Harlequin?

Does Harlequin have the necessary capabilities to compete in this market?
Can Harlequin create a competitive advantage in single-series fiction?

Should Harlequin enter the single series market?

Formatting : 
(1)Two to five double-spaced pages, not including exhibits;
(2)One (1) inch margins;
(3)Twelve point (12pt) font
(4)Figures, tables, and exhibits (e.g. financial analysis, 5-forces analysis, VRIO analysis) are expected and can be included in an appendix to these analyses and are not counted against the page limit. Be certain to appropriately reference your exhibits in the body of the case analysis. 

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