Case Study

 Companies have a choice of maximizing or optimizing profits. A company that maximizes profits is interested in serving shareholders. A company that optimizes profits is willing to promote better relationships with other stakeholders at the expense of shareholders. If you were to open your own company, explain which approach you would take. 


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Case Study
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Select one of the case study topics listed here and conduct quality research using resources available from the New England College library or from other sources, including quality online resources (not Wikipedia), books, journals, court decisions, interviews, etc. Don’t forget to use your text.
Analyze the situation posed for your Case Study

You will prepare a written Case Study in accordance with the following outline:

Introduce your topic, and define the problem you will be solving
Divide your Case Study into appropriate subsections based on the readings in your text and your independent research, including:

Background information
Subsections specifically related to your topic
Problem solutions or decisions

Include useful charts and other graphics if they add to your Case Study
Summarize your Case Study by preparing a conclusion
Include at least three properly formatted references using APA format. Your text counts as a resource. Please use the Purdue OWL website if you do not know how to format resources:

Your Case Study should be a minimum of five pages, double-spaced, including a title page and your references

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