Business Letter and Memorandum

Dear Mr. Sykes I received a letter about your complaint on the advertisement placed in our newspaper, of a beauty salon Major Makeovers. The advertisement which showed the picture of Jesus Christ descending from the clouds, and the content was objectionable in your views and some of the other readers who have written to us about the advertisement. Pastor, you being the avid reader of our newspaper and also a valued client, please let me begin with apologising for the same and assuring you that these are not the views of our newspaper Blaze.
We personally apologize to you for the whole incident of advertisement by Major Makeovers that hurt your religious sentiments. Our team and office have already communicated to Major Makeover about the various feedbacks we received regarding the advertisement, we are working on how to resolve the situation. YouVe been a very valued client to us, and the newspaper’s intention was not to direct an insult towards the religious beliefs that you hold, but unknowingly if that has happened we apologise for the same. The newspaper does not promote or degrade any religion at all.
We assure you that the views portrayed in the advertisement do not personally belong to the newspaper. In fact freedom of speech in all its forms and manifestations is a fundamental and inalienable right of all individuals and we at Blaze are thoroughly committed towards the same. My team is trying to provide any help that Major Makeover might need to provide advertisements that help them attract customers and market their services well. Our team has also communicated the values that our newspaper holds about equality for all religions.

I am personally looking into this matter and have had a word peace between both our clients and there is no persistent feeling of ill will or resentment resulting because of the published advertisement. As per me, my team and my seniors we owe an apology to the Saint’s Alive and its people. And we are in the process to solve the problem between both our clients. We hope you will accept our sincere apologies, we have enjoyed working with our clients, and we look forward to serving you more efficiently in the future.
I would be happy to olve any complaints that you might still have in the future. Again, our sincere apologies. Yours Faithfully, Nishil Tanwani, Marketing Communications Manager E-mail ID: nishil. [email protected] com contact number: +64211601622 TASK TWO Date: 19/08/2015 To: Mr. John Volker, Property Plus National Director From: Nishil Tanwani, Albany Branch Manager, Property Plus We are facing a major property problem with one of our properties under my care. One of our properties was on rent in Albany and the tenants were there for 18 months.
The tenants of the property were arrested because it was found out that they used the rented house as a “P” lab and they were apparently cooking methamphetamine for the last 18 months in the same property and it is a very bad news for us and the owner of the house. The owner of the property is an elderly woman Mrs. Amanda Tonkin. I informed Mrs. Amanda Tonkin about the issue and she was devastated, as the property was an investment for her retirement and is seriously contaminated because of the chemicals used by the tenants.
The property cannot be used without roper renovation and detoxification. One of our property manager Ms. Jinny Downs, also my subordinate, who has never been careless and showed progressive results with her Job, she did make an attempt to do a routine check up with the property during the tenancy and she was sent back twice, at her first visit she wasn’t allowed to enter the house and as per her she felt intimidated and was told not to enter from the rear section. On the second occasion of her visit she was told that the baby is sleeping and wasn’t allowed to enter the property.

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Business Letter and Memorandum
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