Business forms

Here are seven forms of business: sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability partnership, limited liability company (including the single member LLC), S corporation, franchise, and corporation.
Prepare the Business Forms Worksheet by doing these things:

1.     Provide 80-100 word summaries / descriptions for each of the seven business forms and also provide an example business most appropriate for each business form.  The student will write 560-700 words to complete this part of the assignment.

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Business forms
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2.     Select one of the forms of business to research and provide three advantages and three disadvantages for the selected business form.

3.     Provide a 100-200 word summary in which you discuss at least one of the advantages and one of the disadvantages of that form and potential legal documentation (e.g., IRS Tax Forms, Articles of Incorporation, Partnership Agreement) that might be required for its operation.

4.     Integrate research with APA-formatted in-text and reference citations. 

5.     Dress up the Worksheet appearance (e.g., insert student name in heading, and replace these title page instructions with professional, personalized heading) to satisfy the Grade Rubric’s Mechanics section, bullet point #1. 

Required elements 
Students earn their grades based on the Grade Rubric.  It will be inserted with comments at the end of each graded paper, along with other specific comments inserted directly into the paper itself.  A grading scale (i.e. A -F) is provided in the Instructor Policies (Spiering, 2018).  So, students earn high grades by satisfying each bullet point in each section – Content, Organization/Development and Mechanics.

Please note that the Mechanics section of the Grade Rubric requires the integration of research in APA format, including in-text and reference citations. 

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