Bonacorso Insurance Agency, Burlington, MA

Bonacorso Insurance company was created by John Bonacorso and Brittany Martel, in Burlington Massachusetts. Presently, that location offers their only office, but another office building is being built in Middleton, Massachusetts, and it will be open soon. The company was originally established in 1956, and it served as a local insurance agency, but recently it has expanded to some degree, and offers various insurance portfolios in the private and business sectors.

The company is a basic small insurance company, that is trying to acquire as many clients as possible, and to facilitate that action, the company offers discounts to new clients, and campaigns to provide people who could potentially save with Bonacorso Insurance with free quotes, and the advantages of the company, compared with those of competitors. Bonacorso Insurance offers a number of basic policies and packages, and gladly provides quotes for potential clients.

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Bonacorso Insurance Agency, Burlington, MA
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The have life insurance policies, homeowner policies, health coverage policies, automobile insurance policies, policies for boat-owners, and for motorcycle owners. Life insurance premiums vary based on the specific conditions of given clients, but the policies usually cost between $500 and $1,500 per month. Depending on the size, condition, and overall value of a home, homeowner’s policies also vary greatly. For more conventional homes, policies start at $500 per month, and range up to, for the more expensive homes, a rate of $250,000 monthly.
Basic health insurance policies for those who qualify cost $360 a month. Automobile insurance policies range from $550 to $6000 dollars monthly, depending on the quality and condition of the vehicle. Boat insurance is comparable in premium price to homeowner’s insurance, as its premiums range from $350 a month to $250,000 per month, based on the specifications of the boat. Motorcycle insurance is also offered by Bonacorso Insurance, and premiums for this type of insurance range from $225 to $350 monthly, depending on the quality of the motorcycle.
That is how every successful insurance agency operates, as rates are different for every client depending on their histories, and certain specifications of what is to be covered. For more conventional cars, boats, motorcycles, and houses, rates may be lower, as not as much is at risk. But for expensive items, rates are generally higher, as are the deductibles, because the company will have to make a much larger payout if coverage proves to be needed. All of these policies also take into account the specific cases of each client who is covered by Bonacorso Insurance.
Rates may be slightly higher for clients who have bad histories, and lower for those who have shown their responsibility. For instance, drivers whose records are free of accidents of their own fault save on automobile insurance, as they present less of a monetary risk to the company. But drivers who have been involved in a number of accidents will generally have higher premiums because the insurance agency feels that they are more likely to be involved in accidents, which the insurance company will pay for on their behalf.
And in trying to recruit new clients, Bonacorso Insurance has people who are hired to give people free quotes, hoping that that will encourage them to realize that they could be saving if they switched to Bonacorso. People who work for the agency seek potential clients, and show them their rates, compared to the rates of their competitors, or the national average of a premium for similar clients. Often, when new clients apply for policies with Bonacorso Insurance, discounts are offered to encourage the clients to remain with the agency, because it will save them money.
The insurance agency also offers benefits to clients who remain accident free after joining the agency, which may show in a decreasing of premium rates for improving drivers. Automobile insurance is one of the company’s biggest fields, so a lot of the client benefits and rewards are offered in that field. Monthly get-togethers, or parties, are hosted by the company, which invites clients to attend the festivities, giving clients a homely, local feel about their insurance provider.
Mugs, T-shirts, and other apparel and novelty items are given to clients as well. Businesses are also recruited by Bonacorso Insurance company, and certain benefits are offered to particular businesses. Portfolios for businesses that offer coverage in a number of areas are provided for professional clients, which gives many businesses incentive to join the agency. And much like other insurance companies that work with businesses, certain services may be exchanged between a business and Bonacorso Insurance agency.
For instance, if a business agrees to speak out in favor of the agency, or host certain agency events, which shows the business’ satisfaction with the agency, potentially encouraging other businesses to compare rates and perhaps switch to Bonacorso, rates and portfolios may be less costly for the business. The agency has been growing in popularity lately, and has expanded from just a small, local boat and automobile coverage agency to one that offers all of the amenities of a larger, more established firm.
In 1983, John Bonacorso took the company down a new road, which opened the company to the market of home insurance policies, health insurance policies, life insurance policies, and motorcycle insurance policies. One of the major benefits of the company is that premiums are cut for improving clients. Clients who had histories of accidents at home or in their vehicles would generally have higher premiums initially, but like some of the larger insurance agencies such as State Farm and Progressive are doing, rates may decrease for a client if his or her record improves, as that shows that he or she presents less risk to the agency.
Bonacorso Insurance only sustains itself by its number of clients. For any insurance agency to succeed, the number of clients has to be somewhat established, and it cannot sharply decrease. For example, if there were only three clients that an agency had acquired, who were paying an average of $500 a month for their automobile insurance, it would potentially ruin the agency if one of the cars was to be totaled, causing many thousands of dollars in damages.
But one in three cars being totaled in a short period is very bad odds for the insurance agency, and if one thousand in three thousand clients totaled their vehicles, it would have the same devastating effects on the insurance agency as if one in three was totaled. But the risk is much higher when the number of clients is low, because with a large number of clients, the firm acquires a level of stability, as the premiums of everyone else would be used to cover the accidents of the few.
So Bonacorso Insurance makes it clear that they are always looking for clients, and they tell potential clients how they operate, which is done by stabilizing themselves with a large number of clientele. As with most insurance companies, Bonacorso provides potential clients with rate quotes, that in some cases can be detrimental to the agency, as it demonstrates that, in particular cases, the people shopping for insurance could save more elsewhere. But this is part of the process. No company can offer every client a lower rate than the individual could find with other agencies unless that agency was well on its way to monopolizing the market.
So for the most part, Bonacorso Insurance knows that most clients will feel that they could be saving with the agency, as in many cases, rates are lower for potential clients with Bonacorso than with other agencies. So Bonacorso has established enough stability to reveal their quotes, compared with their competitors quotes for particular people (which at times could be slightly lower) because for the most part, Bonacorso Insurance agency offers more to the clients. Another thing that the agency has going for it is its local status.
The company fits into the community of the Burlington, Massachusetts area, and that makes people feel safe and satisfied as they are insured by people whom they know. This is really shown by the get-togethers and parties that the agency hosts, which it invites its clientele to attend. Trust is thus established by the agency and its clients, which encourages clients to remain with the agency, which, many of them feel, really is helping them. All in all, the company has been a smaller, cordial insurance agency that has a neighborly relationship with its clients.
Benefits and cut rates help the agency to secure clientele, and decreasing rates and courteousness on the part of the agency help Bonacorso Insurance maintain its client base. Although it started as a very localized agency that did not offer coverage in all of the fields that it does today, Bonacorso Insurance has grown to some degree, and plans to open a second branch in Middleton, Massachusetts. But community involvement and its local, neighborly nature should continue to keep the company going at both locations for some time, because clients are satisfied by the way the agency operates.

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