Blind Side (Healthy Family Relationships)

Blind Side (healthy family relationships) What makes a healthy family? Well in the movie ” The Blinde Side” it depicts the importance of family, and what parents need to do in order to raise a happy, healthy family. Leah Anne Touhy a mother of the memphis family took strong effort in changing Michael Oher, a troublesome kid’s life for the better. Leah brought Michael into the family as one of their own. Leah then saw that Michael Oher, was born into a family of 12, was held back 2 years in elementary school and had a horrible education record with a . 6 GPA.
Leah knowing these factors decided to adopt Michael and raise him to become the American football player of the Ravens he is today. This was only accomplished by the efforts of commitment and communication which was used throughout the entire movie. Through the entire movie the Tuohy family used efforts of commitment and communication to change not only Michael’s life but their own too. It started with the introduction of Leah Tuohy’s son, S. J. to Michael who happily greeted himself. S. J. showed confidence in himself to let Michael know that you should smile.
Later on Michael was found wandering the streets in the night cold when Leah Anne and her family were driving home from a play that her son was in. Leah Anne being the compassionate person she is stopped the car and got out to confront Michael and offered him a stay at their warm house for the night, Michael had no other place to go so he took it. Leah Anne set up a bed for him and made him comfortable. The next morning Michael was on his way to leave but Leah Anne stopped him in his tracks and brought him back in.

This showed Leah Anne’s caring for other people. It happened to be thanksgiving that day and the family was huddled around the couch watching tv while Michael was eating off in the dining room. Leah Anne quickly observed this and brought everyone to the dining table so that all of them would celebrate thanksgiving as a family including Michael. During the Thanksgiving dinner Leah Anne offered Michael shopping so that he could feel comfortable in clothes other than his own 2 pairs of shirts and shorts.
On the trip there Leah Anne stopped the car to get a eye-to-eye conversation showing that she takes great care in finding out Michaels past and how she can help him for the better. One night Leah Anne asked a simple question to Michael, if he wanted to stay? Michael responded ” I don’t like anywhere else” and sure enough she turned the guest room into a comfortable place for Michael with a bed, that he had never had before. Michael was improving his grades and now able to play on the football team, in celebration the Tuohy family went to diner.
As they arrived Leah Anne had to run a quick errand to the Library and they found an old book that was read to the children when they were younger. After the dinner and went home Leah Anne read that book “Ferdinand the bold” to both S. J. and Michael in a heartwarming bond with the daughter over behind the door listening carefully and cherishing and old time story that was told to her. Later Leah Anne was in bed with her husband expressing her happiness and that it was because of Michael.
She goes on to talk about how she influenced by the change in michael that she wants to have charities for people in Michael’s condition. Slowly they wander off into sexual intercourse showing that as well as Leah Anne’s responsibilities she still has time to express her inner feelings with her husband. Michael, never having a photo ID before asks Leah Anne if he could get a driver’s license not just for the driving but for an identification of himself. Leah Anne agrees and takes him to the DMV when they run into a problem.
Michael has no name registered for himself and Leah Anne comes up with an idea that changes everything. Leah Anne then talks to her husband about the issue of adopting Michael into the family. They communicate with their ideas about this and share their feelings toward it as well. They come to decide together happily that its best if they adopt Michael since he’s already a part of the family as it is. Leah Anne goes to an office that deals with legal guardians and finds that she just needs to go before a court and get permission from a judge to adopt.
She is startled in that she doesn’t need to confront the mother and decides it’s the right thing to do. She confronts the mother and she tries to make the situation comfortable as possible letting Michaels mom know that she wants to adopt Michael. Michaels mom slowly takes in the idea and accepts. The family then has a family meeting where they discus what’s going on and they finally bring on the idea to Michael that they want to adopt him and he happily accepts saying aren’t I already part of the family. From these commitments and communication comes many learning’s and values.
This shows that a little bit of kindness can go a long way. The efforts from Leah Anne Tuohy changed Michael Oher’s life for the better. It started with a simple stay at their own home to adopting and taking care of Michael himself. Not only that the family came closer together than before and in result a happier healthier family as well. The communication within the family was already strong and with the addition of Michael their communication became one. The family changed the life of Michael Oher, but Michael Oher changed the families lives forever.

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Blind Side (Healthy Family Relationships)
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