Blank TAO Form

This is an application for a temporary assessment order for the following purposes (FL, 2008; Davis, 2011 and Powell, 2001). To facilitate the authorization of an officer of the law to contact the child and establish whether there is cause for intervention Authorize certified and procedural medical examination or suitable treatment for the affected child Facilitate the entry Of a police office to access the premise and perform survey and search locations where the child is suspected to be, and determine whether apprehension is necessary or not.
Authorize the police officer to place the hill in custody in the order of the office in order to ensure that the needs of the child are taken care of. Direct the parent not to influence the upbringing of the child through restriction to contact Direct that the parent should have supervised contact with the child, with the name of the specified person outlined in the order. The grounds on which this application is made include the following. Lack of access to nutrition is sufficient grounds for application of the TAO (Davis, 2014 and CPA 1999, 2014). The parents of the child have failed to provide access to nutrition for the child.
From the findings, the child appears too small for her size, and the susceptibility to common infections originates from the weakened immunity system. The Notified doubts whether the children get three meals a day owing to the ill health and physique of the children. As indicated by the principal who is a figure of authority, has observed that Michelle appears to display signs of malnutrition. In addition to withdrawal and sadness, the child has failed to carry lunch for school in an institution where parents are expected to cater for that (FL, (2008).

Davis, 201 1). In addition to that, the lack of hygiene Secondly, lack of access to a tranquil environment for normal growth has affected the ability of Michelle to bond and attach, and calls for a TAO. The parents of the child have tendencies which disturb normal structure for a child that age (Davis, 2014). As a dependent, the child requires a reliable system for play, growth and education. This is lacking due to the existence of a life style that is governed by substance abuse, criminal activity, delinquency, traffic offenses, violence, and misdemeanors.
The constant presence of the police indicates that neighbors have lost good will with the patients, making t impossible for neighborhood participation in the growth of the children. In addition, the prevalence of domestic violence creates unfavorable environment for the progression of the children (FL, 2008), since they are sometimes left on their own as the parents clear the issues with the authorities. As the firstborn, Michelle is faced with a challenging task of parenting and ensuring that her brother is taken care of.
Third, lack of support for education, growth and development for Michelle (Cooper, 2006) calls for intervention in the best interests of the child. As a young person, Michelle requires role models and mentors in her life, armorial from parents and peers of the parents as well as other participants in a suitable case plan. Owing to the need for diversity and guardianship, good neighborhood relationships provide for growth and development of children, through interaction with adults and children in the family.
However, this is absent for Michelle, due to the abrasive relationship between the parents and the rest of the society. The fact that the parents are not willing to take advice from neighbors and other members of society including teachers indicates dysfunctional family status. Four, the family has experienced challenges for a considerable period, actually since the birth of the first child and calls for implementation of strategies for protection of the child. Although they have managed to survive and get a second borne, Michelle has lived through hardships in her childhood.
According to Powell (2001 a TAO is necessary, to provide for the establishment of whether the parents are ready and equipped to take care of the child through the hardships. Although both parents are alive, she has been exposed to challenges and limitations that propagate stunted mental and physical growth. The parents have a high sense of entitlement to decision aging and do not seem to have a way of implementing the strategies they verbally commit to. Five, there is need for protection of Michelle from the life of crime and violence.
Children who are brought up under such circumstances are bound to lack certain aspects of empathy and understanding of life (Davis, 2011). At the current status, the parents have created a protective shell around the Michelle, creating lack of access to influence from professionals such as teachers and religious leaders. As result, CPA 1999 (2014) outlined that there is need for child like Michelle to get access to an environment that is eatable for children, away from the late night disturbances and exposure to the cold nights at night.
In addition to the squalid and neglected living conditions, the children lack a suitable atmosphere for survival. In addition to the mould which can propagate respiratory conditions, there is lack of basic sanitation which predisposes the children to water borne diseases. Six, Davis (201 1) pointed out medical care and preventive measures as expected from the parents is lacking owing to the pending vaccinations. The health care officials have indicated that the child failed to attend her connation sessions, which is primarily a role of the parent.

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