Believing God

My parents thought me Christian values and Christian ethics and they sent me to a Catholic school during my childhood that’s why I grew up believing that there is really a God. There are always obstacles in life that makes one another question if there is a God out there. I had personal experiences that there is God’s presence. One question, why do we pray? To whom do we pray? I think this is the best way to see the presence of God. We pray because we believe in God. The Muslims, Buddhist, Christians, etc. may have different Gods but they believe that there is a God. God’s presence for me is when I pray.
Every night, before I go to bed, I always pray for the safety and health of my family and friends. When I wake up and knew everybody is okay, I also pray to thank Him for answering my prayer. Every morning, I already feel His presence inside me. Also, when I’m feeling sad and depressed, I always ask His guidance and help to resolve my problems. Blessed, He answered my prayers and most of my problems were resolved. I think we all have different types of relationship with God. Another example about the presence of God is about what my grandmother(who lived with us for 16yrs) told me when she was sick and diagnosed with stage 4 ancer.
She told me that every night, every time she sleeps, she always dream of his husband, dead relatives, or sometimes an unknown man calling her. One time, she told me that she dreamed that she was in the sky and an unknown man is calling her to go with her. She told that He was God. Maybe she didn’t go with Him many times because she knew that we are not yet ready to let her go with her Creator. For how many days have passed and we told her that we are ready to accept whatever happens, she Joined with her Creator. With her story, I really felt the presence of God and my faith in Him grew stronger. Another influence is from my parents.

We celebrate a lot of Christian events. For example, the Holy Week. Our family do Visita Inglesia during Holy Weeks and we do the Stations of the Cross to know more about the story of God’s son, Jesus. I think this influence also helped me to really believe in There are also times that I feel the absence of God. Every time I fail to achieve something, I always blame God. For example, recently I took the BSA Qualifying Exam. not pass the exam. I was so depressed during those times and thought to myself where is God during those times. After how many days, I still pray to him to help me ith my decisions in life and He answered my prayers.
My parents and friends comforted me, help me decide and told me that it is not the only course in college that will make me a successful person. They said that I should work hard and pray hard to resolve my problems. These are the only things(failure) that I feel the absence of God but with these failures, good things happen right away. We can always see the presence of God everywhere. For example, we can see a lot of Holy objects everywhere – rosary, pictures, etc. We can also see a lot of people going to Church to pray and ask petitions to Him. Also, why do people avoid to commit sin?
Maybe because they believe in Heaven and Hell. They also know that they lose the presence of God when they commit a sin. As long as we try very, very hard not to commit sin, deliberate mortal sin, God is on our side and we are in His Presence. God continues to love us, no matter what, but He hates the sin. God is everything. For what I understand, God created all the things here on Earth. As a conclusion, to feel His presence, we should always pray for Him, have faith, avoid sins, follow the ten commandments, and we should love all the things He had created.

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Believing God
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