Being famous essay

Being famous Isn’t always as great as Its made out to be; It also comes with a variety of effects. Some examples of famous people who may be dealing with these effects are Rappers, Professional Athletes, and Talk Show Host. Famous people are always being harassed and bothered; whether it is by a fan or paparazzi, they never get a break. It is rear to be a celebrity and stay under the map; the radar is always on and its focused on them.
The effects of being a famous actor are loss of privacy, schedule issues, and demeanor. To begin with, one of the main effects of being a famous actor is privacy. At no point in time are actors honestly every alone. Everywhere they go and everything they do Is always watched closely. For example, fans and paparazzi are always harassing famous celebrity. How much can an actor do with paparazzi trying to take pictures of every move they make? Along with the paparazzi you also have stalkers who play a big role In the loss of privacy celebrities lose.
Stalkers are everywhere you expect them not to be; they pop up Instantly almost like a virus and tart attacking you mentally and even sometimes even physically. Another thing that may affect famous actors privacy are rumors. The presses along with other huge media news broadcasting companies tend to like to spread rumors. Rumors can have a huge impact on anyone’s life; especially famous people because all the rumors made about them expand in the public quickly.

Whether the rumors are true or not, they still are an invasion of celebrities privacy. Famous actors being harassed and stalked can also put their own security in danger. For example, when paparazzi take pictures they are usually posted online or shown on television. If a stalker or a criminal Is familiar with the viewed location In the picture, they may now be able to harm or Intimidate that celebrity. Privacy Is a very Important part of everyone’s life and being a famous actor can affect that.
Incidentally, another effect of being a famous actor is scheduling. At most times in a professional acting career or any career at all in particular, people are constantly busy with work. Actors usually perform in movies, plays, or television shows. The process to do the following is not a short process, not in the slightest bit. With this being said, famous actors lose arsenal time for their selves. Actors are not able to do too much of what they want to do; instead they often have to do much of what’s need to be done.
Most people in the world are able to enjoy their selves throughout the week; celebrities can’t because their schedules are so strict. Another effect of being a famous actor is incomplete work. With a schedule that is so filled pack with things that need to be done, It can be hard for some actors to complete certain task. For example, say an actor has a movie to shoot and It will take all day. Also say the actor has a meeting that’s mandatory hat will make him or her lose out on money If they don’t go, How will the famous meaning that some task may end incomplete.
To change the topic, one final effect of being a famous actor is demeanor. Demeanor is very important if being a celebrity. Eyes everywhere are on celebrities at all times; some may not even know. Being a famous actor come with responsibility. Children, Teens, and Adults look towards celebrities as role models. Role models are usually someone that other look up too and want to be. If famous actors are not showing that they can be a role model, they ay lose fans instantly. Another effect that goes along with that is personal image.
Personal image is also a huge situation that can affect a famous actor; image is the first thing that people Judge others off when they don’t know them. If a celebrity image isn’t good, in some cases people may think they aren’t good. This can now affect the amount of fans they have and how much money they bring in. A famous persons attitude can also affect him or her in huge way. If a celebrity attitude is bad, people may tend to not like them. For example, if someone was to ask a actor for their autograph and they were disrespectful and said no, that actor would lose fans and money.
In conclusion, being a famous actor comes with many effects. Once a actor reaches that high level of popularity their life is no longer only theirs. Everybody, everywhere, will know everything about you; its almost like the rolling camera never stops. It can sometimes be an amazing opportunity, but it still comes with its effects. Being a celebrity means giving up privacy, scheduling issues, and demeanor. Is becoming a famous actor really worth the effects it comes with? I believe the choice is up to the upcoming actors to make.

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