Beers and Cutler Company

The Beers and Cutler Company provides accounting and consulting services for other organizations, institutions, or other clients that might require their services. (“Firm Profile,” 2008) The company primarily acts as an accounting firm, but other tasks and roles carried out by Beers and Cutler include tax and auditing, and even major business-related operations and processes such as strategic planning and consultancy for other business processes.

(“Industry Profile: Accounting Services,” 2008) However, the latter aforementioned services provided by Beers and Cutler are only available in Washington, D. C. (Sarath, 2008) The company has been around since 1967 operating primarily for the real estate industry. However, the aim of Beers and Cutler company to expand and add value to the its reputation, image, and capabilities motivated it to venture into new fields and areas and implement a wider range of services that are highly beneficial to most organizations or institutions.

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Beers and Cutler Company
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At the moment, Beers and Cutler is able to cover the needs and demands of various fields such as the “automotive, construction, hospitality, retail and technology” (Sarath, 2008) industries. To further its capabilities and advantages, Beers and Cutler have become a member of The Baker Tilly International which facilitates communication, networking, sharing or resources, and such between accounting firms and business organizations around the world. (Sarath, 2008)
Beers and Cutler considers the fulfillment of various goals and objectives in diverse and multiple organizations as the company’s mission. The company aims to accomplish this mission by helping business organizations achieve their corporate goals and objectives by providing aforementioned services timely and efficiently. (“Firm & Profile,” 2008) Moreover, the employment of highly knowledgeable, skilled, and competent individuals is one of the company’s strategies in gaining competitive advantage.
Career opportunities made available by the company include job openings for students, fresh graduates, as well as experienced professionals. For students, the company is searching for individuals who might fit jobs under the fields of Assurance and Tax, and Consulting. (“College Recruiting,” 2008) For experienced professionals, Beers and Cutler is looking for individuals that might fulfill roles under the areas of Assurance and Tax, Consulting Practice, and Practice Administration and Support. (“Experienced Professionals,” 2008)
For the good of its employees and members, Beers and Cutler offers reasonable salary packages and benefits. Reviewing available career opportunities that the company is offering, the salary packages that Beers and Cutler are offering range from $60,000 to $150,000 annually. However, as the total amount of the salary package increases, the number of needed individuals or employees decreases. For instance, the career opportunity that pays $150,000 a year only offers one single slot for the said position. (“Beers Cutler Jobs in Washington, D. C. ,” 2008)
On the other hand, the benefits provided by the company to its employees are competitive enough, fostering full compensation for the contributions of its constituents. For instance, individuals who get hired for a position in the company are provided with the benefit of a four-week break or vacation from work, with payment. This generous package for employees is motivated by the company’s sensitivity to providing a well-balanced working environment for its members in order to foster creativity, productivity, and high quality work outputs. (“Microsoft Web Developers: BEERS and CUTLERS,” 2008)
Basically, the marketing plan of Beers and Cutler follows the concept of direct-to-person marketing or personal contact with clients or consumers. The firm utilizes means or tools of marketing that communicate directly to end users or individuals. Beers and Cutler utilize direct mailing systems to send informational messages to individuals, seminars to capture the attention of a large audience at the same time, and personal referrals or word of mouth. (“Industry Profile: Accounting Services,” 2008) References “Beers Cutler Jobs in Washington, D. C. ” (2008).
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