Battle of the Gurus discussion

I need at least 150-word comment on my classmate’s discussion 
Whitney posted 
Class and professor,
Cialdini and Pfeffer, are both very persuasive and know their information. I felt that Cialdini kept my attention more with how he presented his information. Cialdini, explains how we find ways people connect to help with persuading them to what we want them to choose. He also explains how we need to make people feel good as well to show them that we care and help with persuading them. He talks about the principle of scarcity where the person wants something more if it is harder to get unless they choose the item that we want them to choose. The last principle he talked about was unity, this is finding things that are common for that person to help persuade them. Finding things that are beneficial to them. Pfeffer talks about persistence and resilience are critical. I felt that he jumped around a lot on explaining things, he would tell stories that went with what he was talking about. As he was talking though he would jump around a lot, so he didn’t keep my attention as much. The perception of a product can be the main part of a product will sell well or not. He tells about the worlds perception and how if people think that someone is successful it can make others see that or think that. This can also be the same with products or persuading someone towards something. When people like an item they can convince or persuade them into buying that item and make it more popular. They both gave great information. I felt the Pfeffer jump around a little bit too much, it seemed that he had so much he wanted to talk about he would jump around trying to get it all out. They both had a vast knowledge and had great ways of getting their information out.

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