Balancing Work and Family

Balancing Work and Family Managing work and family life can become quite a challenge even for the best family managers. Some families are more likely to balance their work and family based on traditional roles. However, some families are more expected to divide their work in term of the modern family type. A lot of families have difficulties to handle and balance both work and family equally while they choose household chores as the first primary choice, so they will observe with less opportunity outside work.
Both traditional and modern family types always have different perspectives on how to handle the challenges of balancing work and family life. The most important thing that a first couple in the interview believes is having good preparation, intentionality, and decision-making with high demands to support their children and family. A woman of first couple has traditional roles of taking care of the home and children, she would define her family as two or more people who share their kindness, share happy and sad moment together, share values, share their trusts, and share consideration and helpfulness.
Based on some of the challenges that she encountered in balancing work and family early on in their relationship, both of them tend to work hard and seek for a stable income and career with high demands for managing the family. The most complex decision-making faced by the couple is when to become parents if this in their plans. When they decide to have children, she also decides to quit her job as her responsible to take care of the children and to complete the household chores while her husband tends to give stable financial and moral support.

In contrast, the most significant key to creating and maintaining the right position between work and family for a second couple of the interview is to arrange and share their housework by negotiating equal division of labor in term of the modern family type. Moreover, one problem for her as a workingwoman is the proverbial second shift. She often finds herself working double time to perform other household chores in addition to working full-time outside home.
However, her husband often gives some helps and he does not tend to follow the traditional roles. She also believes a family is defined as two or more people who share responsibility for decisions, share values and goals, and have commitment to one another over time. To balance their work and family for the future planning to have children, they would inquire more special considerations helped them arrive at decision with enough income and stable income. Condition of work also does not interfere much with taking care of the child.

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