Atenista Actions

A DOZEN OF THINGS EVERY ATENEAN CAN DO GIVE A HAND Let us be a person for others in our own little ways. Always be ready to serve and help those who are in need. Be happy when you find yourself in the position of helping others because God is answering their prayers through you. SHOW OFF The essence of being a human is not about our rank or greatness but how God made us to be a blessing for others in a very unique way. What we are, is a blessing to be cherished and to be shared and do not be afraid to show off.
Let us be thankful for the talents, skills and abilities God gave us and be proud of who and what we are. BE AWARE OF THE RULES AND POLICIES Rules and regulations are made to make the community more progressive and productive. Not only productive in terms of economy but mostly, productive in making and producing morally, spiritually, mentally and physically equipped citizens. GO CLEEN (CLEAN AND GREEN) Let us be responsible with our environment. Let segregate our waste properly, help lessen pollution and plant more trees.
Let us help maintain a clean and green environment and always remember the 5R’s: Reuse, Repair, Reduce, Recycle and Rot. CAST YOUR VOTE Get involved during elections. Do not miss the opportunity that you can be the start of change. Your vote can make a great difference. EDUCATION FIRST We should value our education and prioritize our studies. We must learn how to say NO to temptations so that in the end, we’ll have nothing to regret. Education is the best tool to prosperity and success. LOVE EACH OTHER

The only key to a healthy community is love because when there is love there is peace, when there is peace there is progress, and when there is progress, there will be satisfaction and contentment in our daily existence. After all, love is what it all means in life. SPEAK YOUR MIND AND HEART Voice out what you think and feel is the right one to do. Don’t be afraid to speak out; nothing will be lost. It’s either we can learn through mistakes from our decisions or someone else will learn from our thoughts and emotions. MAKE A M. O. V. E (Motivate Oneself ‘til the Very End)
Motivation is the stepping stone of one’s success. Therefore; from the very beginning, along the way and ‘til the end of whatever we do, we should motivate ourselves to accomplish such and doing more out of it. REMEMBER S. O. A. P (SILENCE, OPENNESS, ACCEPTANCE AND PRAYER) We must have time to put ourselves in silence for a short while in order to reflect in our day-to-day existence. We must also accept things and be open-minded about the painful truth that exists in our society. Most of all, we must pray in order to contemplate; anywhere and anytime. ACT AS A ROLE MODEL
Everyone is entitled to be a leader, and we must act as we have been entitled. Each and one of us must act accordingly so that others would follow. By doing such, we can inspire other people and therefore motivating them to do the same. LOVE YOUR OWN The success of our nation lies in our own hands; therefore we must be patriotic enough to attain such. Loving our country does not only mean loving what our country own, but more of it is preserving our own heritage and culture. We should be proud of our country’s greatest treasures and make one of those rather than appreciating and making use of others’ culture.

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Atenista Actions
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