Assignment – Rough Draft

Writing Assignment — 2 page paper 

For Writing Assignment 3, you will write an outline of your final explanatory synthesis paper that is due in Module 5. You will use a total of three sources below. 

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Assignment – Rough Draft
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Source 1:  “Stars check in, stars check out” by Sharon Waxman (2007).
Source 2:   “Hung out to dry” by John Hill (2015).
Source 3:   “When jail is not the answer” by Kelly Foreman (2015).

To assemble Writing Assignment 3, use the scratch outline of your thesis and topic sentences : OUTLINE THESIS AND TOPIC SENTENCES:
Drug rehabilitation centers does not provide clear results that luxury or any rehabilitation centers do work although they cost extremely high to join the program, attendees are not heavy regulated and there have been little or no information concerning the effectiveness of drug rehabilitation programs on the modification of behaviors of the addicts of alcohol and drugs.   
Topic Sentence 1:
The average cost of luxury rehabilitation centers ranges from $15,000 -$20,000 a month, which produces the same results as a normal 12 step program.
Topic Sentence 2:
Addicts that attends luxury rehabilitation centers and other program are not heavily regulated by the staff.   
Topic Sentence 3:
Luxury rehabilitation centers have little or no effectiveness on the battle of alcohol and drug addiction.  

Make sure your explanatory synthesis paper outline includes all of the elements below:

a      bulleted outline of the introductory paragraph, including your thesis on      how the sources discuss the topic. Although the rest of your introduction      can be bulleted, your thesis must be written as a complete sentence.
a      bulleted outline of each body paragraph, including a topic sentence for      EACH body paragraph. Your topic sentences must be written as complete      sentences
a      bulleted outline of the conclusion paragraph, which reiterates your thesis      and reminds your reader of the significance of what they learned while      reading your paper
in-text      citations in APA format to indicate where your sources will most likely be      used in your paper. You must include and cite three sources in      your outline.
Don’t      forget: This outline, like your papers, must be free from first person      reference. Your summary must be written in third person.

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