Assignment J7 Discussions

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Discussion (250 words with 2 credible sources in APA)
Immanuel Kant, the famous German deontologist, tells us that lying is never under any circumstances permissible. 

Do you agree with this assessment?  If so, explain why.  If not, present at least one example of an instance in which lying would be ethically permissible. 
Discuss the ethics of lies and lying.
To get started you may want to reflect on times that you have either told a lie, felt like you needed to tell a lie, or found out that someone else lied to you. 
Think about the role that ethics can play in these situations. 
What would it be like to live in a world with no lies whatsoever?  

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Assignment J7 Discussions
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Discussion (250 words with 2 credible sources in APA)
The victim of a crime has the right to address the court prior to the imposition of a sentence. This is known as a victim impact statement and occurs after a finding or plea of guilty and prior to sentencing. Answer the following:

Do you think that victim impact statements influence a judge in the sentence he or she will impose? Why or why not?
If you were the victim of a crime, what would be the top 3 things you would want the judge to know about how the victimization impacted you?
Should victim impact statements be removed from the sentencing phase? Why or why not?
Are victim impact statements prejudicial against the defendant? If so, how does this affect the appellate process?

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