Assignment Assessment and Eligibility Brochure

IDEA requires IEP teams to notify parents of their rights and procedural safeguards when informing parents about the need for assessment to determine eligibility or to re-evaluate to show growth. IEP teams must describe the purpose of assessments and describe the assessments that will be used when securing permission to evaluate from parents. Providing an informational brochure can help parents understand assessment and document the team’s attempts to inform parents and involve them in the decision making process.
In 500-750 words, design a brochure for general education teachers and families detailing the following about assessment and eligibility:
The process of reviewing existing data to determine the need to conduct further assessment.
Different assessment methods, their purpose, and how the data will be used to make educational decisions related to eligibility or intervention to include:

Norm referenced, standardized testing
Language sampling
Dynamic assessment and criterion-referenced assessment
Intelligence testing

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Assignment Assessment and Eligibility Brochure
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