Assignment 4- 8130

In what ways might health literacy affect an agency’s marketing plan to promote health care services or health care delivery? 

Before marketing a health care service or program, health care administrators must first consider the target audience that will most likely use the service or program. In identifying the target audience, the health care administrator also must determine the health literacy of the target audience and devise strategies to market the service or program appropriately within this respective target audience. Therefore, the ability of the target audience to decipher the health message, determine the service or program being offered, and identify how to best access this service or program represents the important considerations that inform how the message should be communicated.

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Assignment 4- 8130
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For this Assignment, consider what impact the health literacy of your intended target audience might have on your plan. Reflect on how you will determine your target audience’s health literacy and what considerations you will need to address in your plan.

Note: The completion of this Assignment will consist of the elements necessary for Component 4 of your Final Project.

The Assignment (2–3 pages)

Describe the health literacy of your target audience for your marketing plan.
Explain how your marketing plan will address the health literacy of your target audience.
Describe two strategies you might take to best tailor the messages in your marketing plan to promote uptake within your target audience and explain why.’

APA styles 

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