Create a document, of approximately 300 words, that addresses each of the inventory items listed above. Write pros and cons for each item you have in the inventory. This is in the nature of an exploration of what you’re thinking–getting on paper the ideas you’ve already had as well as expanding on the basic dream–so don’t worry a ton about having it super clean. Think of this as more of a brainstorming and discussion session with the instructor.
You will be graded not on length but on thoroughness. Think this through. Here is an example of the minimum kind of depth we’re looking for.
The Idea
Main Idea: Start a graphic design business online serving the needs of small business owners for online marketing materials.
Pros: I have the skills to do this. It doesn’t require a lot of investment beyond tools I already have. I don’t need a lot of employees. I won’t have to maintain any kind of regular inventory.
Cons: There are a lot of business out there doing the same or similar things so getting a piece of the action–and keeping it–will be hard. I will be working from home so the temptation to babysit or clean house or goof off will be high.
Business Need in Area: Businesses need to have a strong online presence that is able to attract customer attention. Other small business owners will appreciate working closely with someone who is as invested in what is happening as they are. I feel I have a graphic design talent at creating eye-catching and effective online marketing pieces.

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